Saturday, May 14, 2005

May 14 Part II

Got my Preakness article done. Whew! “Preakness Ink” will start up next Wednesday, for daily updates.

I’m working on the blurbs for the novella tie-ins. Although I’ve written the most of the Brother Joseph novella, that’s the hardest to blurb. First of all, I have no title, and no idea for the title. Secondly – I’d set it vaguely somewhere west without really setting it, so now I’ve had to research the history west of Tennessee in the 1850s to see what makes sense.

I decided to create a fictional town near Kansas City, Missouri. Or, as it was called then, “Town of Kansas.” I have to come up with an interesting name. Brother Joseph is passing through Missouri (which became a state in 1821) on his way to the Iowa Territory. Which means there will probably be more of Brother Joseph in the future.

Setting-wise, that makes the most sense. This novella doesn’t tell Joseph’s entire story – he gets drawn into this conflict by accident. Both Brother Joseph and I are finding, to our surprise, that his calling is much more real than either of us thought. That, however, does not stop him from using a gun if necessary.

Wrote up the blurb for the Charlotte novella, tentatively entitled Moonlight Renegades, and for the Tapestry novella, called Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, a play on a betting phrase, when you miss betting on a winning horse. (As most of the country did on Giacomo in the Derby). I decided to set the Tapestry novella in Saratoga – Nina’s gone up there with a theatre production, but gets involved in a racing mystery. Almost done with the blurb for the Angel Hunt novella, The Lighthouse Lady, inspired by one of the lighthouse stories I learned this past week.

I started a new episode of Charlotte, but haven’t gotten very far with it.

I also have some ideas rolling around pertaining to Boothbay Harbor.

When my brain finally does explode, it won’t spatter gray matter all over the walls, it will be typeface.

Back to work.



At 5:43 PM, Blogger Colin said...

When my brain finally does explode, it won’t spatter gray matter all over the walls, it will be typeface.

Made me smile for the first time today. Cheers :-)

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

I, too, enjoy your sense of humor. :) I saw your comment on Rebecca's artsite and surfed over here. I'm an artist who loves to write, so I'm in heaven from finding your blog. :)

I'll return to meander here. I took a break from preparing for a 2 day artshow by sitting down and reading. Whew! :)
I hope you stop by for a visit. One of my landscape paintings is up for my current post. Enjoy your weekend.


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