Monday, May 16, 2005

May 16 Part II

Wrote the first section of a five-section piece for a new (to me) market, with the working title of “The Lady’s Slipper” – a somewhat romantic suspense short. Well, not that short – it’ll be somewhere around 5000 words when it’s done. I did the first 1100 words.

Re-wrote “Dog Driving”, which is non-fiction but reads like fiction, as an entry for a contest at Toasted Cheese and sent it off. The original piece was 750 words, written for a mag out west that gave me a snotty rejection because I queried as to its status after eight months. The new version is nearly 2300 words. Since it’s set near my family’s place in Maine, the details of place were fresh in my mind after last week’s trip and I could get into more sensory detail.

In tone, it’s similar to the Salt Marsh or “Dogs on Beach” fiction, but it’s my recollection of an actual event that happened several years ago, so we’ll see.

If it’s rejected, maybe I’ll fictionalize it and have another ensemble of characters on which to draw.

I’m fretting about the Angel Hunt artwork and I need to finish and send the blurbs. I might take a nap first. I’m exhausted.

It’s trying to decide whether to storm or be sunny outside. One minute, there’s a sputter of raindrops, with puffy dark clouds grumbling about, and the next, it’s sunny and bright.

I still have to work on the other short story, also set in Maine, that’s due on June 1. And the two articles due June 1. And the serials. And . . .



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