Wednesday, May 18, 2005

May 18 Part II

I am such a waste of food today. I managed to type up some more notes for my mentee’s novella and write a couple of pitches, but that’s it.

My head is pounding, and even a nap didn’t help.

I’ve been letting friends and family know about the Today show thing tomorrow – all my horse racing buddies are up anyway at that hour and will have the TVs on in the barns! With any luck, I won’t be on camera at all. I have no doubt it will be a good piece. As I said, it was tons of fun to do.

Chose the artwork for Angel Hunt – finally – and sent off the contract. I thought the point of the tie-ins was to promote the novellas, and, to me, that means the same artists doing the cover art, but the publisher wants to keep it open to anyone, letting them “refer” back to the original work. Personally, I think we’ll end up with mush that way, but hey, it’s not up to me, is it?

Found some really cool books on Maine on eBay. And a catalogue landed on my desk with some interesting whaling and ship’s figurehead info – just might have to order those! I’m on yet another book buying binge.

I’m trying to track down a copy of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s journals that’s not too expensive. I’m staring at my row of Anne of Green Gables books wondering if it’s time to give them another read.

I’m going back to Maine in mid-July and in early September. I’m looking forward to that already. I need to get up to Seneca Falls to do some research at some point in the next few months, but not sure how and when I can schedule it. Much of June will be caught up with the show.

I’ve been invited to several parties, openings, exhibits and lectures in the next few weeks. I have to decide which I can go to and which I must decline.

Gotta experience the world if I want to write about it, right?

For now, I’d like to experience a headache-free evening. Lost is on tonight, and I want to see what happens next. I did not like last week’s episode, for the most part – it felt like it was an expositional episode to set up this week and the season finale. I liked the scenes between Kate and her first love – very well written and acted. However, I did not believe Sawyer would expose Kate the way he did – he’d find a more wily and interesting way to do so. Nor do I believe Charlie would turn away from her when he found out she’d been in jail – his past is dark enough and he’s shown enough of accepting people for who they are now that it was out of character for him, even in the guise of protecting Claire.

I’m still hooked on Grey’s Anatomy – every time I think it’s going down a predictable TV road, it surprises me. I have to find out who the actor is who played the psychic on Sunday’s episode – he did very good work, and I want to keep an eye out for more of it.

Enough. Yet another few headache tablets and some relaxation. So much for writing today . . .

But I got to talk on the phone with friends. Since I’m not a phone person, it was not only unusual, but good to catch up.



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