Thursday, May 19, 2005

May 19 Part II

Neptune’s going retrograde tonight. Sigh

Worked on section II of “The Lady’s Slipper.”

Grit wants to see more of my work. They published “Tiger Eyes” in 2004. I’ll get something off to them this weekend – maybe “Lady.”

I did some Maine research to prepare the pitches for a new (to me) publication for which I want to write – it specifically covers Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. And, since I’ll be spending more time in that neck of the woods over the next few months, I should write about it and get paid.

The amnesiac man found in London who does not speak but plays brilliant piano and sketches inspired an idea, and I wrote a rough outline for it.

I was so excited about The Today Show earlier that I never wrote about last night’s episode of Lost.

I was very pleased with the episode. It was tight and funny and suspenseful and touching all at once. I’m especially delighted at how they chose Sawyer to reveal to Jack Sawyer’s meeting with Jack’s father. That was the best possible way to handle it, and kudos to the creative team. And to the actors – the scenes between Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox always crackle in the best possible way. And didn’t I tell you they’d still be using Boone? If you find out the contract terms, you can figure out the rest. I’m looking forward to next week’s season finale. And I’m looking forward to next season -- providing ABC doesn’t do us the disservice of only doling out four episodes at a time. Order a full 26 episodes, you idiots! We’ll tune in!

It was highly entertaining to watch the construction boys dig up the neighbor’s front yard and then use the steam shovel to lift out the tank. Of course, the tank was too darned big to fit on the truck, and they had to call in a flatbed. And then the claw of the shovel got stuck inside the tank. But they did it – and they filled in the immense hole dug, and raked it over nicely. I mean, there’s no grass anymore, it’s all brown dirt, but at least they didn’t leave the mess the crew did around the corner on our front –when they dug up street and tossed the boxwood hedges around. When I questioned them about protecting the roots of the plants dug up, they said they didn’t have to. So I called a landscaping service to fix it and had them send a bill to the contracting company. Which they paid.

Those guys were jackasses, but this crew not only laughed a lot as they worked, but left everything tidy.

Ink in My Potting Soil
Planted some bamboo cuttings and some Swedish ivy cuttings. Planted seeds for Morning Glory, Flowering Nicotina, and Sweet Peas.

The yellow geranium I brought back from Amish country is getting new blossoms, and the catamint is also doing well. The cress, Iceland poppy, thyme, and Black Knight flowers didn’t make it. :(

At a farmer’s market a few months back, I bought two beautiful herb wreaths – on with rosemary and oregano, the other with rosemary, oregano and sage. It’s great to simply reach up and pluck the herb from the wreath as necessary. But they’ve had their time now. So I spent a few hours stripping what I could still salvage and putting them in glass jars. I’m keeping the metal wreath molds – I can use them for other things.

Not sure where this paragraph of ink goes – is it kitchen or potting soil? The herbs fit both.

Ink In My Kitchen
The great thing about doing a major grocery expedition is then eating well.
Lunch consisted of sliced fresh radishes on freshly baked, buttered bread. Dinner was poached wild salmon (with just a touch of onion, garlic and sea salt); fresh steamed spinach; and mashed potatoes with plenty of milk and butter. Dessert was fresh blackberries sprinkled over chocolate ice cream. A lovely sauvignon blanc enhanced the meal.

Back to the writing – enough procrastination. I even washed all the rugs in the hallway.



At 10:53 AM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Regarding Lost: There were two scenes that were fantastic - the scene with Jin and Sun (YAY! They made up! And it was romantic) and Sawyer and Jack. I agree - they handled the latter just perfect.


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