Monday, May 23, 2005

May 23 Part II:

Interesting article on a new experiment with writers as artwork:

And the bathrooms in these cubes are where? I don’t need my bathroom access only for necessities, but because some of my best ideas take root in the shower. Better ideas than mold, right?

Four issues of Widow’s Chamber recreated, edited, polished, and sent. Good thing I had to do the rewrite – a new character who provides a crucial piece of information appeared at the ball, intervening when Aeneas Cabriolet tried to corner Nora. Before fellow writers have an attack of “the horrors” – don’t worry, Damian Ripley is not a deus ex machina. He has a purpose other than Chapter 159.

Must rest the brain for a bit before tackling the articles. And I want to rough out a press release for the coffee bar in Maine this week.

I forgot to mention that my long-desired copy, finally won on eBay, of Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone arrived. I’m thrilled with it. It’s a cookbook the size of a small end table. I can’t wait to start using it.

I won one of the whaling journals on eBay and must keep an eye on the other one, as someone – who’s bought 20 books from this seller previously – is bidding against me for the other one.

Logo brainstorm: who says I have to have a drawing sketched by someone else? I can set up my own photos, especially for a log for Ink in My Coffee. Duh!



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