Saturday, May 28, 2005

May 28 Part II

The photographic walk through town was lovely – I took pictures of the brook, of the library, of the millstones of which I’m so fond – it was great.

I didn’t find the info I needed at the library, but I found a bunch of other necessary information for a half a dozen projects. I also picked up some books on the sale shelf, and realized I need to keep up with local library sales. So many of the books I buy are for research, and many of them are available at library sales. The prices – usually from 50 cents for paperbacks to $2 for hard covers – can’t be beat, and it’s worth the research time.

My SO feels I’m not thinking big enough with my “creation projects” – he pointed out that, in addition to the mini-projects I’ve outlined, there’s no reason why I can’t use photographs from various locations to create a fictional setting for a piece – there’s no reason the main market street in Alnwick can’t be paired with a garden shot or beach shot from Culzean and a lighthouse from the Cape. I can create my own fictional landscape with bits from all my favorite places – from Scotland to New Orleans to Cape Cod.

It’s nice to have him here to bounce ideas off of. Since he’s not in “the business” but reads voraciously and thinks, it’s good to get his perspective.

Off to spend the rest of the day with friends.



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