Sunday, May 29, 2005

May 29 Part II

Two issues of Tapestry written, polished, and sent.

I hope to finish the first draft of the story “Blueberrying” today – based on some childhood memories in Maine, but then taken in a totally different direction!

I need to start looking back at both April and May, see where I’ve been and where I’m going. I have to keep June’s To-Do list short due to the theatre work.


I was right – there is a bird called the phoebe, and it’s a different bird than the chickadee. Phew! Nice to know something from my childhood actually stuck.

I’m absolutely thrilled – one of the printed journals I won on eBay is more exciting than I could have ever imagined! A Seafaring Legacy: The Photographs, Diaries, Letters and Memorabilia of a Maine Sea Captain and His Wife 1859-1908 by Julianna FreeHand arrived yesterday. According to the inscription, it belonged to one of the descendants of the family! I don’t know how or why it was put up for sale. I do know that I will treasure it and cherish it and learn from it.

Worked on “Blueberrying”, but I’m not sure if I can finish it tonight. Cilla and company from “Impressions” are very impatient with me today, and the Boothbay Harbor piece also wants some attention.

The articles are downright bad and have to be completely rewritten tomorrow. That’s an important part of being a grown-up writer – knowing when the words you’ve put on paper don’t work at all and when to toss them. And when you’re just having a fit of insecurity. This is definitely not a fit of insecurity – what I wrote does not work, so I have to toss it and start over. I’m telling you, non-fiction is much harder than fiction.

Won one of the oceanography texts on eBay. Will send the payment after the holiday, although the seller is pressuring me for PayPal. If he doesn’t want money orders, it shouldn’t be in the listing as a method of payment.

I was too darned lazy to make eggplant curry, so we simply had wild salmon (poached), mashed potatoes and mixed baby greens.



At 6:06 AM, Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hi- Although your "to do" lists are jampacked, you certainly accomplished a lot, cooking dinner to boot!

You sound happy with your E-bay finds. :)

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Lara said...

Ebay is the BEST. I got a 105-year old copy of Baedeker's Egypt for my novel research, for $15 (the average running price for those is $300)because it had spine problems. Who cares? The wealth of info inside was amazing. It even contained 100-year old article clippings, handwritten notes and little pressed flowers (from Egypt?) between the pages.
Yes, Ebay is great!


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