Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday, May 23, 2005
Full Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

One of the cats was sick all over the Feng Shui table (and the curtains). So much for yoga and morning meditation. It’s impossible to be one with the universe when the cat projectile vomits all over the sacred space.

I managed to get off three episodes of Charlotte yesterday.

And then I was hit with a Trojan, on a pop-up, while I worked on the Widow’s Chamber episodes I prepared to send. Argh! The Virus Protector caught it, quarantined it, deleted it – and deleted the contaminated files, which means I lost what I’d done on WC. Double Argh. I hadn’t yet printed them out – what I do is send the issue, then print it – so I lost the work I’d done. I can recreate it, and it’s better than having a major computer crash, but it’s still frustrating, especially since one of the episodes is set to publish tomorrow. It took two and a half hours to get the computer thoroughly cleaned out and back up to speed.

Finished, edited, and sent the Preakness wrap-up – it will go up tomorrow on FemmeFan. Got plans in place for Belmont weekend – a friend’s coming in from London and we’ll go out to the track together the day before, and combine that with catching up with a bunch of my horse racing friends out there.

Got some letters written, but not enough. I need to pop some interview requests off into the mail.

It doesn’t look like I can go to Belmont next Monday for the Met Mile – there’s so much going on right now. I have to sit down tonight and sort through the invites, seeing what I realistically can and can’t do. Later this week I’m going to an art exhibit on one of the piers with my friend B. – it will be her third time seeing it, and it leaves next week, so I HAVE to go. There’s also a new exhibit at the Museum of Natural History I have to catch before it starts to tour, an invite to an art opening in White Plains, an invite by Columbia University to a lecture on stem cell research – not exactly sure why I got that one – an invite from Women in Film and Television to their design event at Sotheby’s, an invite to a party during BookExpo – and everything is within five or six days of each other. And the show needs me that week.

I have to figure out – what do I really WANT to attend, and what do I NEED to attend – for whatever reasons. And sort through it all. Because I have deadlines amongst it all, too. But then again, when don’t I?

Today’s all about Widow’s Chamber and getting some of the more pressing interview requests out, and the first drafts of the two articles due June 1.

I won some great Maine books on eBay, and I have bids in on two printed versions of journals that I MUST have – I’m keeping a close eye on them. I lost some books on Provincetown to someone who didn’t bid until the last second (Fie on that person) – I was the only bidder for a whole damn week. I HATE people who do that. I know they have the right to, but I LOATHE that sort of power trip. However, I found the books much cheaper (1/5 the price) on Alibris, so it all worked out fine. But I don’t want to lose these journals. They are quite unique, and absolutely necessary for my whaling saga.

The Winter Beach is beautifully written, but one chapter, on nature’s unemotional brutality, was so depressing I was ready to crawl back into bed and stay there for two or three months. It was wonderfully written, but still . . .jeez.

However, the deadlines pulled me back.

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