Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 -- Derby Ink

Afleet Alex – why is this horse not getting any respect, his connections want to know? He’s a good horse with a good record and a good personality. Darned if I know. Why isn’t he one of my picks? Can’t answer that one, either. It would serve me right if he took the Triple Crown.

Bellamy Road – Steinbrenner’s horse. The current favorite. Shrug.

General John B. – saw a headline that he’s out of the Derby. Since I never knew he was in contention, doesn’t really change my bets.

Two horses I’ll look at again: Andromeda’s Hero – only because he’s another Fusaichi Pegasus baby and Spanish Chestnut, who’s getting some good press. Until I see tape, I can’t make a decision. I want to see his personality and how he moves.

Could I add this one to the mix?
Greeley’s Galaxy
. Haven’t seen tape of his races yet, but I’ve seen some of him just being a horse and he’s got personality to spare. Worth another look.

Bandini – still my fave. Will his daddy, Fusaichi Pegasus be watching the race on TV, a beer in his hoof? Doubtful. The Man will probably be busy making more little Fusaichi Pegasus-es. If you look at his breeding list, he’s been a busy boy.



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