Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
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So Newsweek retracted the story. I couldn’t believe the spokesperson on the morning talk show I heard this morning – whining that the Pentagon should have told them how inflammatory the piece was so that they would have “thought long and hard” before running it. Because they didn’t know it would cause such eruptions.


Since when does an international news organization not know the power of words? Isn’t that why they’re in the business? To create positive change by revealing truth through the written word?

And, as I said yesterday, if they don’t have the skills, the integrity and the knowledge about their craft and their responsibilities, they shouldn’t be there.

A retraction doesn’t cut it, because people who are already suspicious aren’t going to believe it. The article, no doubt, pushed many people who were on the fence about their feelings towards the US right over the edge. And while I understand it, I know I don’t feel particularly tolerant towards other belief systems when I see the American flag burned, so I can imagine what others feel when symbols important to them are desecrated. I can still disagree with the administration and not want my flag disrespected. Even as a response to the piece – tolerance and respect have to work both ways. Yes, that’s naïve, but we can’t be the only country in the world expected to respect symbols of other countries and religions. It’s a precarious and complicated situation and Newsweek’s irresponsible actions have caused people’s deaths, and, no doubt will cause more. I wonder if they – or individuals within the organization – will eventually be charged as accessories to murder?

And it’s a shame that many years of genuine investigative journalism have been wiped out through this mess. It’s far beyond a mistake. Why would anyone believe anything published by them again? How can readers trust the publication, even with its track record, when not only do they move ahead irresponsibly with a piece that incites riot and death, but then tries to blame the Pentagon, saying they “didn’t know”? It was their responsibility to find out, and if they didn’t have the correct information, they shouldn’t have printed it. It’s out there. They can’t take it back. There’s nothing that can be done to fix it.

This is yet another example of too many idiots being in positions of power. Unfortunately, it’s nothing new in history.

The other part to keep in mind is – if the article run had been true – what sort of backlash would our government have – rightfully -- faced? What sort of honors would the publication have reaped down the road? My personal anger and sense of betrayal stems from demanding an exceptionally high standard from the press in a quest for truth and uncovering corruption, whether it’s where I want to hear about it or not, and feeling betrayed – not only because such an inflammatory piece was run and was wrong, but now the organization is whining and pointing fingers instead of stepping up to the plate and taking the consequences. To me, it looks like they are working out of fear and damage control rather than integrity. There’s so much of what used to be called “yellow journalism” out there that I demand a high standard from the few publications I trust.

The blurbs for the novellas are off to my editors. I’m still fretting about the artwork for Angel Hunt. I’d sent off the contracts for the other three over the weekend – it’s only Tuesday, I don’t know why I’m impatient that they haven’t been signed and returned. I’m not the only one who ever goes out of town.

I realized that Elusive Prayers has to take place in winter, for it to make sense with the time frame of the rest of The Widow’s Chamber. Although I can keep the first page intact, I have to put in weather references later.

Hmmm. Time to research the weather in Missouri in 1853. Sigh.

Did some work on the Boothbay Harbor piece, to quiet down the characters.

I’m in the city today, for day work, and they asked me to stay for the show. The Today show is filming a segment with a walk-on whose dream is to stand on a Broadway stage, and they asked me to stay and help out. That’ll be fun. I love dealing with the walk-ons, because they are people who truly love the theatre and want to learn the protocols and what it’s really like back there. As long as I can stay off-camera, I’ll be happy.

My pre-Preakness article should go up some time today. I’ll post the link as soon as I can.

It also means that Preakness Ink will start tomorrow.

Now, to try to get some work done before I catch the train. I want to work on “A Lady’s Slipper” and also do some work on a new story for a new (to me) market that just so happens to want the type of story whose idea has rolled around my head for about two weeks. Provided the deadline wasn’t yesterday, I think I’ve got a good shot at this anthology.

And I still have to write the blueberry story that’s due on June 1.

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At 10:01 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Hi, Devon! Welcome back!! Just checkin' in...I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that Marian Green book, especially since there's recipes in it. D:))

At 4:18 PM, Blogger shadow said...

Hey Devon,

You certainly nailed that Newsweek thing. I couldn't agree more.

It looks like things have smoothed out over the last couple of months.

I certainly hope so.

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Lame Stream media at its best. Long live bloggers!


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