Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday, June 3, 2005
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn
Cloudy and cool

So the little runaway bride bitch chicklet gets a light slap on the wrist and a movie deal. Disgusting. Not only is she a liar, she’s a racist liar. It’s fine to decide you don’t want to marry a Bible-thumping, Jekyll-and-Hyde control freak (which is the sense of him I got from his interviews). It is NOT okay to fake an abduction and give racist descriptions about captors who never existed. Why is she being rewarded for this behaviour? I don’t care how “mentally distressed” they claim she is – the courts sent a message that it’s okay to do this AND get paid for it.

The vote for the West Side Stadium is set for today. I hope it’s defeated. I do not believe it will help more people in this city than it hurts – the public cost has jumped from $600 million to $1.4 billion and continues to grow. The proportion of jobs gained short term is not worth it in the long run, when you look at the fact that the properties won’t revert to affordable housing or anything that the actual working people of the city can make use of once the Olympics have gone. And, while it would be an honour to host the Olympics, it would also be a nightmare. It would be a nightmare for people who have to live and work in the city and it would be completely impossible to secure it from violence. If a multi-million dollar sports organization wants a new stadium, they can build it themselves. Steinbrenner’s doing it with his retro Yankee stadium, to be built beside the current one. Citizens’ tax dollars need to go to education, security, health care, and mass transit.

I was convinced I’d come home from day work to an e-mail informing me I was fired from the serials, after my rant. But my publisher completely understands (and shares) the frustration. Several artists have missed deadlines and stopped communicating. Well, they better start, or they’re going to be the ones out of a job!

I received back one contract, from the artist who designed Cutthroat Charlotte – who also writes. So that’s all good.

A friend at work yesterday told me I had to stop thinking like a union shop steward – if the artists are too disorganized and unprofessional to read, much less return their contracts (I caught a major glitch in the contract that, basically, didn’t give them any pay), that’s their problem. And the longer they take to sign, the longer until their cut is removed from my pay. Especially since I was not one of the people who wanted artwork in the first place, although I accepted the publisher’s decision. While I understand that point of view, I still feel that, since it’s a company policy to have the artwork, that a fair deal needs to happen, and if I see something in a contract that’s a typo or a problem, I’m going to say something no matter who it affects and get it worked out. And, with my schedule heating up, I can’t baby-sit. I expect to work with professionals who stay on top of their commitments, or, if they can’t, at least communicate and say they’re behind and it’ll be awhile.

Anyway, hopefully it will all be sorted out soon. I don’t want the novellas to get behind schedule because the artists aren’t together. Artists do it once – create one image to capture the essence of the piece. While it’s not easy, the writers have to maintain the piece over the length of the contract on a daily basis.

Got to dash for the train! I’m meeting a writer friend in from the Midwest this morning before her conference, then drifting for awhile (I have to find a place to write), and then, most likely, I have a show tonight. I’m still in limbo. I’d rather come back home, but . . .

And I must have an intense writing weekend starting tomorrow.

Stared the second Salt Marsh story yesterday. Got two short sentences done.


The novella tie-in based on the deer slaughter in the wildlife sanctuary will be called The Woodland God’s Vengeance.

The peonies opened beautifully. I can sit and stare at them indefinitely. I’ve taken so many photos of them I’ll end up with an entire book on peonies!

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