Saturday, June 11, 2005

June 11 Belmont Ink -- Undercard

These are the horses I want to look at. What I’ll actually do – remember, we have a heat wave here, and that affects the horses. And it’s hazy – rain will change everything. A major thunderstorm has been predicted to hit immediately before the Belmont Stakes itself.

1st Race:
Skip it and see how the track’s running.

2nd Race:
I’m looking at two long shots here: La Dolce Vita and Flawless Treasure, probably to just hit the board.

3rd Race:
Ice Wynnd Fire across the board.

4th Race:
Storm Minstrel to place.

5th Race:
Pa Pa Da – across the board because he’s smart, sweet, and talented.
Provincetown to place.
I want to take a look at Steel Light, but I don’t know what to do with him yet.

6th Race:
I like a lot of horses in this race, and I’m not sure how I’ll sort them out until I see them before showtime. I’m looking at: With Distinction, Smokume, Wake Up Dreaming, Willy o’the Valley. Key Deputy is still a question mark for me.

7th Race:
Riskaverse across the board because I love her. I’m going to take a look at Intercontinental and Mambo Slew as well.

8th Race:
Lost in the Fog across the board
Egg Head to place.
War Plan to show.
I want to look at Middle Earth and Proud Accolade, but not sure where to slot them in yet.

9th Race:
I think this will be the most interesting race of the day, outside of the Belmont itself.
Gygistar across the board – this horse has always done well for me.
Funny Cide across the board – because it’s Funny Cide – however, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was scratched today due to weather.
Limehouse because he’s a powerhouse.
Spite the Devil to show.
Rogue Agent – like the horse, but will pass on him here.
Evening Attire – I’ve always liked this horse, but he’s disappointed me the last few times out, and I’m wary of betting on him here.
I don’t want to dismiss Cuba, but I’m not sure where he fits.

Race 10:
Artie Schiller and Meteor Storm in a boxed exacta, with longshot Saint Stephen to show.

Race 11:
The actual Belmont Stakes.

As I said in my previous post:
Giacomo, Afleet Alex and Pinpont across the board and in a boxed trifecta;
Indy Storm and Watchmon to show.
I hate to leave Chekov out because watching this horse and his jockey Gary Stevens together is sheer poetry, but I don’t think today’s their day.
And I don’t understand the strong support for Reverberate. Perhaps he will show me today.

Race 12:
Master David, Run the Light, and Lunar Man, but I’m not sure how yet.

Race 13:
Wamp and Heathrow as the serious contenders; a show bet on Sleek Jackal because, at 50-1, how could I not?


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