Monday, June 13, 2005

June 13 Part III

Two episodes of Charlotte written, polished, and off. Charlotte is visiting Anne and Mary in the Jamaican jail at this point.

Approximately 5000 words on the two serials and 1400 words for the article. A decent day’s work.

Dinner’s cooking, and then I’ll tackle Elusive Prayers. I need to get a few pages done on that every single day – the deadline is quickly approaching, and I have the other novellas to deal with as well. Plus, I don’t want to lose the energy that today’s episode of Widow’s Chamber created. A few days ago, in Elusive Prayers, Brother Joseph sent the telegram from Missouri to Nora in New Orleans. In the episode of WC written today, Nora receives said telegram. Hence, tie-in.

I’m reading Gillian Gill’s wonderful biography of Agatha Christie. It reminds me how much I enjoyed the books growing up and makes me want to reread all those I’ve read and read whatever ones I haven’t. I wonder if they’re packed away somewhere on the premises, or if they’re all in storage? Many of the actual volumes have happy memories attached to them because most of them were bought during trips, when I needed something to read. Quite a few are English editions, bought while traveling in Europe.

But now, dinner and a glass of wine, and then some more work on Elusive Prayers. I decided that I want to dedicate it to a friend of mine who is not in the writing business or in the theatre business, but provides a good deal of inspiration.



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