Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16 Part III

Fighting the dark cloud hanging over me, threatening to deluge me with an acid rain of the blues. It’s because I’m starting to feel a writing rhythm, and now I have to stop and do the show.

Yesterday, though, when on the break I returned early because it was too noisy to write at The Coffee Pot, I managed to write in the dressing room, with everyone tiptoeing around me and giving me space to write. I appreciate it so much, and will thank them in the acknowledgements for Elusive Prayers.

The artwork for Tapestry and Widow’s Chamber is finalized, and can I just say that Freeman kicks some serious ass? It’s really wonderful. As soon as it’s up, I’ll post the link.

Wrote the Angel Hunt segment of the KIC soap – it runs around 1700 words. Reworked it a few times, but sent if off and it’s been accepted. So that’s good. It will be Episode 4.

Doing some work on Elusive Prayers – I want to be halfway through the first draft by next Tuesday – that means up to page 50. And I want to finish the first draft by the following Tuesday.

I also need to pursue more business writing clients while I’m so busy, so that when I’m not doing the 14 hour days, I have well-paid writing projects on which to work.

And there are mailings to do and . . .

The article on which I’m working for FemmeFan is an extremely personal look at what horse racing means to me. Perhaps too personal – I might edit it to be a bit more objective.



At 5:24 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

I'm Episode 3. :) And mine weighed in at a hefty 2500 words. I think she's going to accept it though. It was just too complicated to NOT stick to the 1000 word limit.


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