Saturday, June 04, 2005

June 4 Part II

I’m tired and having difficulty in focusing, as I usually do on the day after a show. It makes me dread three solid weeks even more. It’s nice NOT to live in a state of perpetual exhaustion for awhile, and everyone I know who works 8-show weeks exists in fatigue.

Grocery shopping, getting my colleague the low-down on yesterday’s adventures in the cornstalks, got a new cover for a bed, bought a new rug to replace one that’s worn out. Caught up on e-mail, did some administrative work, sent out a few pitches, asked questions on a few postings. I no longer send out pitches to blind ads that don’t post or won’t answer questions to rates and rights. My schedule’s too tight, this is my business not my hobby, and I’m not writing 1000 words fro $10, so get over it. If you can’t answer my questions, you’re not paying me enough to make even the pitch worth my time.

Got my hair cut – thank goodness! I began to feel like a sheepdog who hadn’t been groomed in months.

I forgot to mention that Petticoat Whalers by Joan Druett arrived. I’m delighted with it. I have two of Druett’s other tomes – Hen Frigates and She Captains. Ultimately, it’s Druett’s work that inspired Cutthroat Charlotte.

I paged through it, dipping in here and there. I will sit back and enjoy it in a few weeks, and take notes, I’m sure.

Reading through some of the diary entries of whaling wives, however, and the matriarch and patriarch of my whaling saga are beginning to take form – Harriet and Obediah.

Now, if I could only focus long enough to get my article done for FemmeFan and then do a couple of serial episodes, I’ll be in good shape.

I will pause and create a marinade for some pepper steak that needs attention. Maybe as the meat marinades, so will my creativity.

Hey, if I could pull those two articles earlier this week out on deadline, I can do this.



At 9:39 AM, Blogger Lara said...

Here's to Marinading Creativity!


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