Sunday, June 05, 2005

June 5 Part II

I ended up doing an archaeological excavation of my desk, which was helpful. Although I’m out of file folders again and there are still too many piles next to my desk. One step at a time, though.

And now I have a lot on the floor, because I misplaced the trial transcript of Anne Bonney and Mary Read’s trial, and, without it, I couldn’t continue with Charlotte. So I scrabbled through my stacks of information. But I found it, although the room now looks as though it was ransacked. And I have to get a couple of issues done before the Tony Award party tonight.

Printed off photos I needed and got some paperwork done.

Did my “Bracing for Belmont” article for FemmeFan, which should be up on Tuesday. It’s short and to the point – the horses worth considering are Giacomo, Afleet Alex and Pinpoint. Wheel ‘em and you’re done. The only other horse I’ll look at is Indy Storm – and to see why, you’ll just have to read the article! :)

I renewed the contract for Cutthroat Charlotte for only six months, not nine. That gets me through January 2, 2006 and up to Episode 143, by my calculations. In late October/early November, I’ll see where I am with it and what I want to do.

If I stop providing new episodes for the other three when my contracts for them expire in October, I’ll be at episode 205 of The Widow’s Chamber, 171 of Tapestry and 167 of Angel Hunt. I might have to have a few more issues of Tapestry to finish the “Finding Jake” arc.

I’ll sit down in August and reconsider everything and see what I feel I want to and can do, and then discuss it with the publisher. I’d like to keep everything up for an additional six months, even without new episodes, so I can focus on marketing both the serials and the tie-in novellas without having to keep coughing up 8 new issues a week. That would mean I could market to generate new subscribers until April of 2006, and if I do the same with Charlotte, until July 2006, by which time I’m sure I’ll be ready to put them all to bed.

And, 90 days after the contracts expire, the rights revert to me and I can take these projects to their next lives.

It’s an initial plan. It will be interesting to look back in a year and see how much I had to deviate from it!

Right now, the artists are taking up far too much time and energy. One artist seems to be missing – to the extent that we’re worried about him. And another told the publisher I’d approved a cover when I’d only seen a first sketch and have been trying to get him to actually communicate something – ANYTHING -- for the past several weeks. I’m concerned about the former; the latter gets one friendly and professional e-mail tomorrow and if there’s no adequate response, I told my publisher I want to start over with the artwork. Enough, already.

Back to Anne, Mary, and Charlotte.

Let’s hope I can get ready for the Tony party in record time!



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