Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday, June 06, 2005
New Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn
Hazy and humid

There’s going to be one heck of a thunderstorm later today. You can smell it!

I love a good thunderstorm.

I managed to write, revise, polish and send three issues of Charlotte and one issue of Tapestry yesterday. I’d hoped to do two issues of Tapestry, but I ran out of steam.

The Tony Awards were okay last night. I’m glad that so many people I’ve worked with were nominated and/or won, but I didn’t thing the show in general was that great. Because CBS will not allow it to run a single moment over and feels commercials are more important than the actual show (there were more commercials this year in the breaks than ever before) and PBS no longer does the behind-the-scenes stuff, it feels like a rushed list of names, abbreviated performances and silly skits that don’t work that someone somewhere thinks will engage a television audience that knows nothing about the theatre. The theatre is completely unique, and this is theatre’s chance to share with the rest of the country and the world. But those pulling the strings at the network don’t know anything about theatre and care even less. At this point, I think the way the show is broadcast hurts the theatre instead of helps it, and it’s a shame.

Being there is tons of fun – it’s like old home week. I was at a party last night, not at the show itself, but I’ve attended it several times in the past, as well as worked it. And it’s just a blast. Everyone’s happy, having fun, glad to see each other. It’s truly a joyous occasion.

This will be a crazy week – part of the week I’m at the show, and then there’s the Belmont coming up. And then I dive into three full-time weeks at the show. Got to keep a clear, cool head through it all

I won a bid on eBay yesterday, and, when the final invoice came, the shipping was $3 more than the original quote – making the shipping nearly twice as much as the price of the object. I wouldn’t have bid on it if that was the quote given. I pointed out the difference, and it’s been adjusted. Just goes to show, you’ve got to keep on top of everyone.

I pitched to rewrite translations of Japanese manga-style graphic novels yesterday. The woman in charge wanted me to write samples. I told her I needed to know what the pay was – if it’s too low, there was no point in me doing the sample, because I’d refuse the job. Then she decided she only wanted to work with people in the Bay Area (she’s in Japan) and she “would not work with you even if you were the best writer because you live in New York.” Okay. That’s that, then.

My colleagues on the Freelance Forum think she either found someone to work VERY cheaply, or she sent different “samples” to everyone who applied and will use them without paying anyone. Whatever the truth is, looks like I dodged a bullet on that one.

Speaking of bullets, I better get back to The Widow’s Chamber and Elusive Prayers today.

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