Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday, June 5, 2005
Dark of the Moon
Jupiter DIRECT (yeah!)
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn
Sunny, warm, humid

Yesterday ended up being a day off from pounding the keys. I need percolation time. That’s the part of a writer’s work that few people understand. When I’m sitting there staring into space, yes, I’m working. Sometimes, I look at what’s in front of me and let that inspire me – sending me down the paths of “what if?” or “that leads to this leads to . . .” And sometimes, I’m completely elsewhere – in Scotland or New Orleans or Cape Cod or Maine or a mythological kingdom.

But I’m working.

Those times where it’s all whirling around in the brain and ideas chase each other like puppies make it easier when I finally return to the keyboard.

I read a bit – I can’t have an Alice Steinbach book in my possession without reading it immediately. Educating Alice is lovely. Because she’s interested in almost everything and communicates her enthusiasms well, it’s like sitting down with a kindred spirit and trading anecdotes.

I did some research into train schedules and fares in France and Belgium. I was advised that Paris on the weekend can be difficult, but that Marseilles (a town whose history fascinates me) is a great place to go. And, since I’m interested in Avignon, I also want to stop there. Plus, if I’m going to be in Paris, I need to hop to Brussels to do some genealogy research – an ancestor in 17-something originated in Brussels.

I can hop an early morning train from Paris Gare Lyon and arrive in Avignon a little after 10 AM. If I can check my luggage at the station (always a question, now with security risks), I can wander Avignon, catch the 5:17 TVG and be in Marseilles by 5:46. I can spend the weekend in Marseilles and hop a 3:29 train from there, arrived in Paris at 5:31, or take the 4:29 and arrive at 7:45. As far as Brussels is concerned, I can catch a train at 7:25 AM from Paris Nord and get into Brussels by 8:50 AM, and there are numerous evening return trains, getting me back anywhere between 7 and 11 PM the same night. And it’s cheaper for me to purchase each leg of the trip FIRST CLASS then to get a Eurail pass. Good to know.

Of course, I just completed an article called “Thumbprint Travel” based on a concept I learned from Susan Allen Toth – she has a home base and only takes day trips, not venturing further than the area covered by her thumb. I’ve done that often, especially in the UK; the above adventures break that theory. Am I trying to pack too much in to 13 days? Should I simply concentrate on Paris, and, even on a Sunday when most places are closed, use the time to relax, read, and write?

I don’t need to make that decision yet. I can research options.

And I wouldn’t think Paris, Avignon, or Marseilles would be all that crowded in March.

I managed to pull a muscle while working out last night – just what I need before working full-time in the theatre, and, subconsciously no doubt, one reason why it happened. It’s not terrible – I just feel it.

And I had an anxiety dream last night – someone at the show told me she didn’t want to train me on a track because I don’t care enough about the theatre anymore. Now, since I’ve been completely open with everyone on the show that I’m house hunting in MA and plan to leave the business in the next couple of years, everyone is cool with it, and is happy with my work, I know it’s stemming from my own anxieties.

What can I say? The Chiron Retrograde is slamming me.

Off to finish my Belmont article and then get back to work on the serials. And I have to sit down with the calendar and figure out at what issues I plan to wrap up the three serials whose contracts expire in the fall. I’ve renewed Charlotte for only six more months. I want everything to sit for six months past their “finish” dates in order to promote both them and the novella tie-ins. But there’s a point beyond where more issues do not make sense.

For a free issue of any of the above serials, click the appropriate link and download.


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