Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday, June 30, 2005
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny, hot, hazy, humid, thunderstorms

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Back to writing:
Everything hurts.

Sore muscles, achy-broken toe, tight in the neck and shoulders . . . welcome to the glamorous world of eight shows a week. People who work on regular schedules don’t get how physically and mentally taxing this industry is; nor do they comprehend the fact that, while you play, we WORK. In fact, your playtime is our work time. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – in fact, often it’s a good thing. Our work is your play. Our work gives you the opportunity to see and experience things you never might otherwise.

But, during and at the end of the week, one is still gosh-darned exhausted.

It’s not soul-sucking work, the way so much of the 9-5 work is. But it still has a heavy toll.

Speaking of sucking, suckers, et al (oh, oh, how will that come up in the search engines? Ha, ha, ha – okay, I really need to catch up on some sleep) – I’m spinning a new story for the amusement of my colleagues. Hopefully, once it’s done, it will have a larger life outside the world of the theatre. I’m working on a new vampire story. When I told the premise to my colleagues, especially the part of what the vampires do for a “living” – everyone howled.

Did a photo shoot for one of The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project entries yesterday in between shows. It was tons of fun.

Shows were fine. One of my actresses got some new clothes – finally! We put in some of them last night; one blouse I had to send back for reinforcement. It’s chiffon, and the first time we tear it open for a quick change, it will shred. So the plackets behind the snaps need to be reinforced. We can maintain the more romantic look of the blouse while still making it strong enough to withstand 8 shows /week of quick changes. I studied up on right and left and got the tin man’s legs on properly.

I’ll attend a going-away party tonight for one of my actresses (the one that’s leaving to go to do the show in P-town), so instead of getting home at 1 AM, it will be . . .later. And I have day work tomorrow.

When I lived in the city, I went out 5 nights a week. For 13 years. Now that I commute, I hardly go out at all after a show – mostly due to the wonky transportation system. So when something special comes up, I try to do it.

I even managed to get some work done on Elusive Prayers, but I plan to get a lot more work done on it today.

The travel editor liked my Lindisfarne piece, but needs something shorter and more contemporary – and yes, I have the shot to do it! I asked if I could turn it in at the end of next week. I’m very excited. This is a mag for which I’d like to write on a regular basis. I’m delighted by the opportunity and hope I can pull it off.

So, off to tackle the e-mails, update the info for The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project, and then .’s all about Elusive Prayers.

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