Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cooler

Yesterday was hot and muggy and disgusting, but we lived through it. I’m glad we have air conditioning. I hurt for the people who don’t.

I took a look at the new Olympic bid plan. It’s so much better than the first one, I don’t understand why it wasn’t the first one. It uses all five boroughs. And, in the long run, I believe it will create more long-term jobs and useful facilities than the West Side Stadium project would. I still think another city should get the games – there is no way New York can secure the games without shutting down the city for two weeks, and that’s unfair to people who live and work in the city.

Michael Jackson verdict: If you’ve ever served on a jury or watched a case sitting in a courtroom, you know that what is experienced in the courtroom is like a completely different trial than what is shown in the media. I’ve served on civil, criminal, and grand juries, testified in a criminal case, and sat in courtrooms watching numerous trials as research for various projects. Anyone who is not in the room can’t possibly judge what’s really going on.

In this country, it is set up that the defendant is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW – not in a court of the media. And the presumption is to be of innocence, not of guilt. Also, only this particular person’s accusations were on trial – not the defendant’s entire life. If the jury believed there was reasonable doubt, they must have had good reason. Even from what I saw at a removal, which, as said above, cannot be the whole story, there was a huge credibility problem. This problem was not created by the defense – it was inherent in the case by those who made the accusations.

Do I believe complete and utter innocence in every instance of this man’s life? I don’t know. I do know that I would not allow my children and I do not allow my godchildren to stay overnight with a middle aged man unsupervised, and if I heard any tales of a “family friend” sharing a bed with one of them I would go ballistic. And probably deal with it one on one myself. But in this particular instance, the jury felt there was reasonable doubt. And the case was about this particular set of circumstances.

It is so important that when you are called for jury duty, you do it, instead of whining and trying to get out of it. It is very important that the intelligent, responsible, ethical citizens serve on jury duty. Because everyone has a right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty, and everyone has a right to be heard before a jury of one’s peers. So come on, people, step up to the plate and show up for jury duty!

I have to say, every time I served, it re-established my faith in the way our justice system is set up. My fellow jurors took their responsibilities seriously, we were a diverse group in age, race, and background – yet all respected each other’s views and found ways to get along and work together. The judges took their responsibilities seriously as well and did not put up with indulgent, theatrical crap from the attorneys.

Back to actual life, now.

I didn’t get anything done on Tapestry. I managed to get some work done on Elusive Prayers – mostly planning work, rather than writing work, and I have to get moving on that. The deadline is looming, and I want to have both Elusive Prayers and But Is She a Betting Man? ready to go by the July 15 deadline. Elusive Prayers is better than I thought it was, it’s tighter (love the novella format), and it crosses back and forth with where I am right now in The Widow’s Chamber in a good and interesting way.

I’m working on a few ideas for forthcoming horse racing articles, and need to get out some requests for interviews.

I received the info for the upcoming KIC soap opera, and I will get to work on that this weekend. The Angel Hunt characters will be the first episode that I write. Later this week, I will also read the first five chapters my mentee’s rewritten on her novel.

Show was fine, thank goodness. I slipped back into the rhythm of the track fairly easily. One of the women that I really enjoy working with is leaving the show to do a new show in Provincetown. I went to P-town for years, and love the entire Cape, so I’m putting together a packet of information. She’ll be working on a show, so who knows how much time she’ll have, but at least there will be options if she’s got a few hours off here and there. I’ll miss working with her on this show, but her new show is an exciting opportunity and she’s so talented – it’s great, and the show is lucky to have her!

23 more shows.

Now, to try to get a few pages done before I run for the train.

The Uranus retrograde sparked a forced look at dealing with some father-related issues. My father died when I was ten, and there’s still a lot of emotion to deal with in that arena. It’s manifested in less than healthy ways in my life – through perusing unhealthy relationships, etc. – and I’m at a point where . . .well, letting go is the wrong phrase, because it’s blood, and you don’t let go of blood. I do know that he did the best he could, even when it didn’t make any sense. He tried very hard, he loved me, and he tried to prepare me for the world. He left via death early in my life – boy, we would have fought tooth and nail for years. It’s definitely affected my writing – so many of my characters are either orphans or have major father-daughter issues. And some of the perceived wounds are just that – perceived. Created situations that never had a chance to be real because there was no father actually with whom to have the conflict (plenty of male mentor figures were forced to stand it throughout the years and fight with me, poor things). The best thing I can do is enjoy the good memories and shrug off the “what could have beens”, both positive and negative. Anger at someone who’s been dead for over thirty years doesn’t do anyone any good. Especially when it’s not based in anything rational.

Read C’est La Vie by Suzy Gershman about starting a new life in Paris after her husband died. I enjoyed the book, but it also makes me realized how spoiled I am by some of the US amenities. I think I’m more suited to frequent travel to Paris, rather than living there!

I’m telling you, Iceland looks better and better all the time!

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At 10:09 AM, Blogger B. K. Birch said...

It's hard to come to terms with past truths. Good for you.

I'm also with you on the MJ case. The jury saw an entirely different trial than we did. I commend them for giving a hard thought verdict and justice prevailed. When will the parents of this "accuser" be charged with child neglect??


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