Tuesday, July 12, 2005

July 12 Part II

The day got better, and thanks to everyone who commented earlier.

I agree with Eileen – the way corporations have set up their defenses, they are faceless and don’t hold any responsibility for the actions of their workers.

The person who opens my envelope and types in my payment is an actual human being and MUST be held responsible for both posting the payment immediately AND for any errors made in data entry.

The prevailing policy of customer service representatives being told to REFUSE to turn over calls to a supervisor upon request and not to give out any information on the address or the Vice President who is supposed to be accountable for the running of the department is unacceptable. I believe, in some states, it is also illegal, but I’d have to check that. I’ve had attorneys tell me that, if you request such information from a company to which you’ve paid money, they MUST supply the information. That may vary state to state. It should not.

The people who make the profit from these companies aren’t the data entry clerks or the ones who have to deal with upset customers on the phone – they are those who have decreed that their information not be given out, so that they don’t have to deal with the human factor of their business.

This CANNOT be allowed.

And it is up to consumers to stop rolling over and allowing ourselves to be fucked up the ass repeatedly. It is up to US, who do the work and keep these corporate fat cats so fat to withhold our business when companies do not treat us with respect, humanity and responsibility.

Take the 15 minutes to write the letter of complaint. You aren’t just helping yourself – you are helping every single person who deals with the company, including the data entry clerks and the janitors who are working for minimum wage or less.

And, when you are not satisfied, take your business elsewhere and let the corporate office know why.

Those 15 minutes can change the world. And you know what? You can swap the 15 minutes it takes to write the letter with 15 minutes of inane conversation on your cell phone.

So do it.

Back to the day:
The day went pretty smoothly, thank goodness. Had a lot to do on the day call – mostly small repairs, etc. Some minor annoyances, but nothing that lasts even long enough to type out.

Glad to get back on the train and get home. I hope I can get some writing done tonight, but the exhaustion from the stress of wondering what’s going to blow up next and if I’ll be part of what’s blown up has taken its toll and I’m exhausted.



At 8:29 AM, Blogger Eileen said...

Respect, humanity and responsibility -

Three words that could change the world.

You're completely right. We as consumers have to continue to speak up for ourselves. The unfortunate thing is that we shouldn't even have to be in a position where we are forced by circumstances (more often than not) to do so.

I pledge to continue to be, when necessary, a squeaky wheel. :)


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