Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 13 Part II

I had an interesting comment from a non-writer the other day, someone I ran into in my actual life, rather than my virtual life.

“You must be jealous of Harry Potter.”

So, here’s my response.

First of all, Harry Potter is a fictional character, not a real person (though he seems real), so therefore, it is not possible for me to feel jealousy towards him. I assume the speaker meant, am I jealous of JK Rowlings and her success?


She’s earned every penny of her millions, and she’s earned it well.

I am thrilled that a creative person who worked and continues to work hard and stuck to her creative vision succeeded. I am thrilled by her imagination, word magic, and the way she captures and entices and creates enthusiastic readers around the world.

When someone is that good and creates something this wonderful, it is only positive for all writers and all readers.

I also respect the fact that she stands by her vision and doesn’t change her story due to pressure from readers or marketers. She maintains her integrity, and that is one of the reasons we all keep coming back.

And I wish her continued success in everything she does.

I know she’s enhanced my life with her work. And she’s made millions of people happy throughout the world.

She’s made a positive difference in the world, and that’s something to admire, not admonish.

She is an inspiration, and an example of how creativity, imagination, belief, persistence, and integrity work.



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