Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 13 Part III

A reasonably productive day.

Lots of it was spent on both the practicalities and publicity for The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project. The first three journals are in the mail – difficult to let them go.

And everything regarding the project that needed updating has been updated.

I did some work with stones – my special hematite, amethyst and rose quartz, and am much less stressed.

Two episodes of Tapestry – I’m back in Nina’s voice. Need to get two more done. But I’ve hit the Issue 104 mark, which is a full year’s worth and that needs to be marked with . . .a press release!

The Great Escape wants to use my Lindisfarne article as part of a larger spread next winter – it’s a long way off, but they want it, like it, it’s a good travel credit, and they want more pitches, so I’ll work on ideas and send them out early next week.

Llewellyn has several more annuals that are searching for articles, so I prepared those pitches and sent them off.

Also put together a proposal package for another possible regular writing gig that I think: a) I’m right for and b) it would be fun and profitable. Let’s hope they think so, too.

A break, maybe some dinner,

And then more work on Elusive Prayers. It's not going to write itself. And I even asked nicely! :)



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