Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4 Part II

Revised look back at June:

Serial Episodes
Belmont Articles
Llewellyn Articles
Belmont Ink

In Progress:
Elusive Prayers
Salt Marsh story

Not Done:
Second novella
Query letters
Prospect letters

Nothing I can think of

Beyond Expectations/Achievements:
The Woodland God’s Vengeance outlined
Harriet & Obadiah – characters for the whaling saga
Charlotte renewal
Charlotte press release
First Fifty Internet Promotion
KIC Soap episode tied in with Angel Hunt
Contracts for more Llewellyn work
Booked KIC interview
Blurb about me in Working Writers newsletter
The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project
The Place and Space Journal Project
3 Photo shots
Lindisfarne article rewritten, submitted, and another rewrite requested
Vampire story for amusement of colleagues

GDR Mid-Point Evaluation:

Of the priorities listed in #3, Clear the Slot, Periwinkle, Ransagh, and Intricacies of a Labyrinth, only Volume I of Ransagh and a little bit of work on Periwinkle have been done. I need to keep my commitment and finish those pieces. And face Clear the Slot and give it the next rewrite it needs, so it can go out into the world. It’s time for it to have its life apart from me.

#4 – the goals:

Continue with the serials – Yes, I’m doing that, and will reassess as my contracts come due.

Write 3 novels – the three volumes of Ransagh would count; so far I’ve only done one. I should have completed two first drafts (Volumes I and II) by now. And I need to get Periwinkle done because that’s a sure sale.

Write 1 article per week – some weeks I write one, some I write 3. I think I’m slightly under the projection, but I’m close.

Write 2 short stories per month—due to the novellas, I’m writing fewer short stories. Until the novellas are done, the short stories will have to take a back seat.

Write 1 or 2 plays over the course of the year – I’m not in “play” head, so I’m not going to focus on that right now.

Expand the business writing – I have not pursued this aspect of the business as aggressively as I need to

Expand the workshops, coaching, and manuscript critique areas of the business – I’ve done that somewhat, but again, not as aggressively as I need to.

Write columns – when the KIC mag folded, I started shopping them elsewhere, but the long turnaround is frustrating. I have to rethink this.

Investigate radio work – on the back burner, although I keep my eyes open on the job sites and jump whenever there’s work to be found for that. Does Glamorous Hearts count as radio? It’s scripted for the ear, so perhaps.

Glimmer Train, Espresso Fiction and Woman’s Weekly – I’ve been so busy I haven’t even thought of any of the three publications all year.

Homes for unpublished work – that has to be fit in after the contracted work.

Financial Goals:
This is where I’ve fallen short, because I’ve accepted theatre work (to get the insurance that now I might not get anyway), and when I’m doing 8 shows/week, I can’t take on business writing.

Necessary Steps:
I know them in theory; I have not practiced them. I’ve fallen far short in limiting the backstage work and marketing the business writing. I am widening my audience and I’m researching markets better.

I have not picked one step per month on which to focus, nor have I done the copyediting refresher.

I’m less fearful of crossing genres than I was at the beginning of the year, which is an improvement.

Changes that need to be made:

E-mail – I’m better at handling it than I was in January.

Filing and organization – I need to implement some of the systems I came up with for 13 Traveling Journals and use them in the rest of my writing life.

I’m definitely building in time for fun.

My stamina is not where it should be, however.

Marketing Steps Needed:

All of the steps listed in the original GDR in January have not been given enough attention, although the serials are being marketed better now than they were in January. I’m still not where I want to be with them, though.

On the days I’m not working in the theatre, I do spend the projected 6-9 hours on my writing work.

New writing formats:
Food writing – haven’t done it
Research Shakespeare’s life – in process
Research court of Henry VIII – started, but that’s suspended now.
Instead, I’m researching the whaling industry.
And the novellas are a new and much-desired format. So I am experimenting, just not in the ways I projected.

Non-writing interests:
I haven’t explored painting or piano at all, but I am doing more photography, and loving it.

Non-writing goals:
Pay down debt
Buy a house
I’m steadily working towards both of those. Because I haven’t been aggressive enough with the business writing, I haven’t come as far as I’d hoped.

Getting deadlined work complete by Oct. 30 so I can do NaNoWrMo:
Might as well just roll around on the floor laughing about this one.

Although the quality of my work has taken a leap in these six months, I’ve fallen far short in both the marketing and financial goals. I need to make those two up – and I’m not sure how, as I have to accept a lot of theatre work in the coming months in order to keep my insurance. I really feel my union has fucked me up the ass – rough language intended.

I need to look over this evaluation and see what changes need to be made. That’s not something that can be done in a minute.

Serial episodes
Rewrite Lindisfarne article
Complete Elusive Prayers
Write Lighthouse Lady
1 more episode for KIC soap tied to another of the serials
2 Llewellyn articles
1 Llewellyn calendar article

Prospect letters
Query letters
Re-read Clear the Slot and take notes for rewrites
Continue work with The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project
Get The Place and Space Journal Project off the ground

I felt as though I’d done a lot in the past six months; it is sobering and disheartening to see how little I’ve actually achieved.



At 11:42 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

You HAVE done a lot in the past six months--but writing is an endeavor where the rate of return is consumed in the humonguous amount of energy and effort required to accomplish one's projects and be successful.

Your self-perception is sharp but don't be too hard on yourself--here's a virtual extra pat on the back from me. d:))


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