Wednesday, July 06, 2005

July 6 Part II

Two issues of Widow’s Chamber, two issues of Cutthroat Charlotte, got the 13 Traveling Journals initial press mailing out, updated the site, worked on some “featured diarist” questions, and caught up on some other business.

Not a bad day.

I have to let the next couple of issues of Tapestry simmer a bit before I write them – I’ve lost the thread. And then I can focus on Lindsfarne and Elusive Prayers.

The past week, trying to balance the writing and the theatre work, the writing was not fun. Today, it was fun again. And I’m very happy with the episodes – all 4000 words’ worth!

2000 words a day is my comfortable rate, but if and when I need to push harder (and I often do), I can.

Good to know. It’s like any muscle – you have to keep developing, training, practicing, with occasional time off to recoup.



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