Thursday, July 07, 2005

July 7 Part II

I’ve heard back from the majority of my friends in and around London. I’m still worried about two of them, mostly because I have out-of-date e-mails and/or phone numbers from them, but I will keep trying.

So far, everyone seems to be alive and well. Let’s hope that holds. One friend, who lives in the north of England, is pretty sure he will know people in the publishing world in London who didn’t make it.

We’re holding a good thought.

Not a very productive writing day – two issues of Tapestry and the rewrite of the Lindisfarne article, which I got off as promised to the editor. I’m nearly sick with worry about it. I love the place and the piece – it’s finding the right match for it.

Caught up on some other paperwork. Will try to get some sewing time in now, and then back to work on Elusive Prayers.

Of course, the all-news radio is on all the time.



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