Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday, July 02, 2005
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Skip this part if you choose – it’s political:
I have a strong and probably somewhat different point of view on Sandra Day O’Connor’s resignation. One that, no doubt, will piss people off. Too bad. It’s my opinion and I’m voicing it.

I’m furious and feel betrayed.

I have often disagreed with O’Connor’s decisions over the years. Just last week, however, she was the Voice of Reason in the Eminent Domain case.

For her to abandon the American people in this way is disgusting. Accepting a Supreme Court position is a lifetime commitment. It’s not something you just give up because of something going on in your life, no matter how important it is. By accepting the position, you agree to put the good of the country before your own personal life.

Her resignation hurts us on two fronts. The first, and most obvious, is, of course, that the next Bush-nominated justice will set back the course of human rights by at least a half century, if not more. To me it seems that we are heading back towards the time of slavery – not based on color this time, but on economic level. I believe that any Justice placed in power by the current administration will use party-dominated, religious bias in making decisions. I WANT to be proven wrong, but I doubt I will. Human rights, and especially women’s rights, will be destroyed.

All she had to do was hang on for three more years.

I have harsh words for the excuse that her husband has Alzheimer’s – it’s not as though he’s even going to know she’s there after a certain point. I have no idea how advanced the disease is (nor is it any of my business). I hope they can share some coherent time together. But the reality is that the decisions of the Supreme Court affect millions of people for generations. And the responsibility inherent in accepting the job is accepting that you no longer put your personal life first for the remainder of your life, from the moment you are sworn in.

On the second front, she sends the message that women are incapable of staying the course on a commitment of this magnitude. It encourages gender bias in the future, for all sorts of jobs. The job is supposed to be for life. Look at Rehnquist, look how he’s holding on, maintaining his commitment no matter what. You know we’re in dire straits when I’m actually praising Rehnquist. But even he knows that the next Justice will tear a hole in the fabric of the Constitution.

One can argue about the need to put home and family first; about the need for compassion and care-taking. Those are valid arguments. Then don’t take the job. Don’t start something you can’t finish. Certain positions require one to be more than an individual human being, and serving as a Supreme Court Justice is one of them. “But look at what she’s done for the country!” People will say. Yes, but she didn’t finish the job.

There are already two justices on there who, in my opinion, treat the Bench like their personal Old Boys’ Club. At least with O’Connor, even when I disagreed with her, I felt that she genuinely looked at a case from all angles to make a decision.

It will only get worse now.

I am truly in despair about the direction in which this country is headed.

I literally burst into tears at the newsstand when I saw the headline.

Back to writing:
I had a terrible time with the broken toe yesterday. Something is just not right. But I got through the day work and the show.

I had a nice dinner at West Side Sushi, and then consoled myself for the pained foot by going to Fluff bakery for a cupcake and coffee. I also got some solid work done on Elusive Prayers.

Show was fine, although I’m ready to be done. I just have to hold it together for two more days, and hope the person doesn’t call in and I don’t get tossed in to the track for which I’m unprepared. The exhaustion, physical and mental, takes its toll. I’m trying to maintain a balance, but it’s hard.

I barely have time to shower before I have to head back for yet another 14 hour day.

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