Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday, July 23, 2005
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde – OH NO!!!!
Sunny and hot

I bought 30 books on my trip. 31 if you count the new Harry Potter I bought this morning.

31 books in 3 days. Not too shabby, if you ask me! :)

The trip was fine – somewhat emotional, because my grandmother is not doing well, so I’m trying to balance patience and enjoying every moment I can, without letting the re-opening of several emotional wounds get too bad.

No one can mess with your head like your family, right?

I’ll detail the trip on Travelpod – a personal account with photos, at some point this week and then post the link.

In the meantime, check out my friends’ place in Boothbay Harbor:

They’ve done a beautiful job.

AND they’re going to participate in the Place and Space Journal Project.

Now, for the books:
I didn’t find anything at my usual Book Barn in Wells, ME. Last trip is the time I found an entire BOX of whaling journals. This time – nothing I couldn’t live without. Although, I have to admit, if I had unlimited funds and open bookshelf space, I would have bought plenty!

But a little thrift shop in York had books for 25 cents each – I got an Agatha Christie (yes, I’m rebuilding my collection with the cheapest paperbacks I can find – it’s a nostalgia thing), a Jane Haddam, a Sir Walter Scott (there’s a story behind that) and Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. Total cost $1.

At a Goodwill in North Windham, ME, I got a stack of Agatha Christies (7 of them), for 95 cents each. Total cost: $6.65.

At the Friends of the Boothbay Memorial Library Used Bookstore, I got a stack of Agatha Christies for 10 cents apiece, some L.M. Montgomery books for 50 cents apiece, four books for someone else, Spirit of Place by Lawrence Durrell, On Celtic Tides: One Man’s Journey Around Ireland by Sea Kayak by Chris Duff, Portal to Paradise: An Italian Excursion by Cecil Roberts, Pleasure by the Busload by Emily Kimbrough, Photographic Memories of Scotland: A Century of Change from the Francis Frith Collection, and Literary England. Total cost of all those books: $10.

That’s what I love about a Mercury Retrograde -- bargains. For the rest of it, I should simply stay home with the blinds drawn and the doors locked and not deal with anyone, but the shopping . . .

I finished The Historian and liked it a lot. I will write about it in depth a bit later. I also started The Rule of Four, which I find interesting.

Writing-wise, I managed to outline three new stories, do some research for Lighthouse Lady and for some travel pieces, and work on interview questions for a roundtable interview I’m moderating.

Came back to the frustration of urgent messages from an editor about missing serial episodes – episodes that had been confirmed as received long ago AND I’d specifically asked a week ago that she check and make sure she had everything because I was going out of town. And she blew me off. I’m tired of working ahead, making sure I keep on deadline, getting confirmations of materials received, double-and-triple checking and STILL getting frantic messages at odd hours saying things are missing. Once in awhile is understandable, but this is every week. Add in the revolving door of PR people the past few weeks and having to redo the information each time and being set up to fail in a chat because the link wasn’t tested ahead of time – major frustrations. Hopefully, it will settle down soon. Once the new episodes of the serials are done, and the serials just sit there for a finite period of time with subscribers, I hope it will be easier. But trying to keep up with the new material and having to redo every bit of work 3-5 times takes a toll.

I didn’t get to do any research for the whaling saga – partly because my head wasn’t there, and that was due to the latest attack on London. It must have shocked people on Friday when a man was shot by police at the tube station – unlike American police, who are always armed, London police aren’t. Several years ago, I was told by a friend in London that they keep their arms locked in the trunk of the car, have to sign out and account for every bullet, and can’t remove the arms from the trunk without specific instructions from headquarters. That’s probably changed since 9/11, but even so, armed police are not the norm there.

Regarding Supreme Court: Sandra Day O’Connor made a comment that she wished the nominee was a woman. Well, since she sent the message loud and clear that a woman could not go the distance, it was obviously received and acted upon. The expectations and responsibilities for the “first” to do anything – regardless of gender – are much higher than on anyone else. And the expectations and responsibilities on the Supreme Court are inhuman. But you know that going in. Or don’t take the job.

Regarding the nominee, I can’t form an opinion since I haven’t read any of his opinions. I have to do more research and read actual text of transcripts in context before I can decide anything. Reading other people’s excerpts within their own contexts can’t be the basis for my own opinions. And something like a Supreme Court nominee is too important in our daily lives for me not to do my own research, form my own conclusions, and let my government representatives know how I feel. Only then can they represent me accurately.

I’m booking both theatre and writing work for next week, which is great. I want to keep the balance. I also made the first cut for a couple of other freelance jobs and am keeping my fingers crossed. And, I need to get going on the Llewellyn articles.

Issues bounced back from the address. I questioned my ISP, who claims it’s the recipient’s server. I asked them to investigate further and not just pass the buck. Just in case, I set up (yet another) address where I can simply make submissions.

The Portland Press Herald wants to interview me about The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project. Too bad I didn't know that while I was still near Portland! :)

Now, it’s off to give Charlotte some attention. I had to hide Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because it’s calling to me. I HAVE to get some work done before I can spend the rest of the day reading the book.

I can’t wait!


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The Place and Space Journal Project

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