Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday, July 3, 2005
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What surprises me the most about the response to O’Connor’s resignation around here – in discussions I’ve had with people and conversations overheard on the train, on the street, and in cafes – and it was a major topic of discussion yesterday – is the cynicism.

Seems like I’m the only one who believes she’s leaving for personal reasons as stated. Most of the speculation is about what sort of “incentives” she was offered for early retirement, so that the court could be taken in a much more radically right direction.

I find that sort of speculation extremely disturbing. Agree or disagree with her decisions, angry as I am that she left before death, I always looked at her as someone with integrity. I’d be naïve to think that there aren’t major political machinations going on in the background, but I don’t think she would lie about her reasons for leaving.

Perhaps I am horribly naïve. But I need to believe that the reasons she gives for leaving are real. Otherwise, her entire tenure as a jurist becomes a joke, and I don’t think it is.

“Look, this is the person who handed Bush the election without demanding the ALL the votes be counted in 2000,” someone said. “Of course she’ll be rewarded.”

Overheard at a café: “We’ll never know what really happened. It’s not like the media’s going to tell us the truth. Watergate was the end of investigative journalism. Investigative journalism is dead. It’s now considered a violation of the Patriot Act.”

I certainly hope that’s not true.

But it does look as though, instead of being remembered for the work she’s done, she’ll be remembered for leaving before her commitment was fulfilled.

Shows were fine yesterday. We’re all exhausted. The costume pieces get heavier and heavier as the week goes on. I had a swing in for the ballroom scene, which meant putting her in a dress I’d never worked with before – hoop skirts and bodices with two dozen tiny hooks and eyes, crisscross straps across the back, etc., etc. – in quick change, for a scene that lasts 35 seconds.

In other words, it takes longer to get them in and out of the costume than it takes for the scene to run.

The protest in Edinburgh made today’s paper – 200,000 marching prior to the G8 summit. The aerial shot they showed looked very similar to Festival time – which, I believe starts next month. I think the Festival and the Festival Fringe have been pushed back a bit in recent years. But the Royal Mile looked very much like a Tattoo night during Festival season. Except the protestors wore white.

I hope the G8 doesn’t cause too much hell for the people of Edinburgh.

They should hold summits like that in Antarctica or something, where it won’t get in the way of people’s daily lives.

Can’t wait to be done with shows for awhile. I’m burnt. So far, I’m only scheduled for day work in the coming week.

I’m angry at the letter I got from the Benefits office at the union. Our base salary requirement has been raised substantially in order to be covered by insurance. In other words, although this week’s salary would have brought my total up to the level to guarantee insurance coverage next year, it’s now been bumped up, and I don’t have it. I will complain to the union. I need this information at the beginning of the year, when I’m planning my year, not sprung on me in the middle. It guarantees my GDR goes right out the window, because now I have to do more theatre work in order to keep my insurance. And the MRA has also been bumped way up.

The insurance industry in this country needs to be torn apart and rebuilt from scratch.

Only one show today, thank goodness. I’m hoping I’m still in my regular track and can just finish out the week smoothly. I can’t wait to get back home and go to bed.

I forgot to mention my encounter with the local wildlife the other night. Friday night (well, okay, Saturday morning, it was after midnight), as I came home, I had to use a different entrance to my building and go through the basement. A family of raccoons (mother and three babies) partied on my stoop. The babies got agitated as I approached, and I didn’t want to piss Mamma Raccoon off, so I took a different route in.

They were pretty cute, but it never hurts to remember that these are real, not employed by Disney.

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