Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Aug. 3 Part II

So I did a few writing dribs and drabs today, studiously avoiding the serials in all forms. Which means I will have to do some serious ass-busting tomorrow.

But I worked on the article, and I worked on the Tracy piece and I made some notes on a few other projects, none of which are pressing, but I don’t want to lose what the characters have to say.

I also did some work on the writing tips booklet and – this will really make you laugh – jotted down time management tips for writers.

Yeah, because I was SO good at managing my time today.

I ran to White Plains to do errands, singing along to the radio in the car. I managed to avoid going in to Target – although, darn it, I just remembered something I needed there – but I wouldn’t have remembered it when I WAS there, and bought something else anyway.

I looked at new phones at Verizon because my mobile is in its death throes and they no longer make batteries for it and couldn’t find one I liked. I don’t WANT a camera phone, dammit. The only things I need my mobile to do is send and receive TELEPHONE CALLS. Is that really so difficult? Isn’t that what a TELEPHONE is supposed to do?

And I saw – Ta Da! The 2006 Annuals have already shipped to the bookstores, which means my author copies will be here soon. They look very nice, and I’m always delighted when they hit the stores.

The item with which I’m wrestling the most right now, and which, as I try to brainstorm with people they understand the least is:

The Dilemma of the Master C.V.

I realized I’m sending out queries every day in response to ads posted on job boards. Since I do a lot of different things in a lot of different genres, and I’ve been lax about updating – in order to update my CV, I have to go back and re-read my own quarterly newsletter, where I’ve actually tracked it all!

I’m reinventing the wheel every time I need to send out a resume, and that wastes a lot of time.
I need one MASTER LIST, which is mostly meant for myself, where I can list every danged thing I publish (and under which name) so that I can pull out giant – or small – chunks as needed for the focused resumes.

The Master List MUST be as polished and professional as though it was the thing I’m sending out, or it’s nothing more than a list that has to be refashioned each time I need it, which is where I am now, and which is NOT working.

It has to be clean, eye-catching, polished, professional and accurate.

It’s also going to be looooong – which is one of many reasons it’s my Master List and not the list to be handed out like a flyer.

The way I’ve always set up my resumes before has been by category, usually using these fields, in this order:

Short Stories

Because I focused on plays for a good chunk of years, plays were at the top, with the other media falling in underneath. But plays are not the priority right now – although I don’t really know what is.

Also, now, I’d have to add categories:
Business Writing
Workshops, Teaching, and Coaching
Contests and Awards (I realized I actually have a list of them)

I hope to start the “Novels” category within the next year or so.

Then, it occurred to me, since I publish under a variety of names, perhaps I should organize the CV by pseudonym rather than category.

If I’m going to follow standard resume format, I could either put the most recent work at the top, or the most prevalent work at the top. That would mean the serials would come first, followed by articles (thank you, FemmeFan, for a flurry of credits), followed by short stories.

But that doesn’t feel right, either.

The quarterly newsletter (different than Devon’s Random Newsletter – which, unfortunately, has been more random than usual these past few months) is divided by pseudonym.

It’s a dilemma.

If I can find the best way to set this up, it becomes a manageable system that will save me time and probably help garner me work in the future. However, setting up the system is what always takes the time.

And, of course, I have several boxes of clip files in storage, so I may not have all the information for the Master List easily at hand.

Well, at least I have a semi-decent reason for Serial Avoidance Syndrome today! :)



At 8:58 AM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

It must be something in the air. I had Serial Avoidance Syndrome, too(commonly referred to as SAS... haha). I have no advice on your dilemma other than.. WOW.. you do so much and you are such an inspiration! I admire you. :)


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