Thursday, August 04, 2005

Aug. 4th Part II

Issues 110 & 111 of Tapestry written, polished, and out. Issue 178 of Widow’s Chamber written, but needs polishing, and I have to write another issue. The slave market scene isn’t strong enough yet.

Did a newsletter for The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project and got that out. Double-checked some paperwork and had to send out some emails. I don’t have choices for two people who I thought had chosen journals, and I want to make sure they get their choices; and there’s a list of people who asked for info, but never returned any of the paperwork, so I sent an email asking them if they were still interested. If they are, I need the paperwork in order to sign them up. If they’re not, I can delete them.

Gotta stay on top of the paperwork for this, or it’ll be chaos.

Worked on a press release, but I want to let it sit for a day or two – and, fortunately, I have the luxury this time of doing so.

I have to get the quarterly newsletter out soon, too. Part of me says I should just skip it and send it in October – but there’s a lot in this issue, and I should probably get it out now.

I’m tired of looking at a computer screen, so I’m going to take a break and do some longhand work.



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