Saturday, August 13, 2005

Aug. 13 Part II

Serial Avoidance Syndrome strikes again.

I managed to squeeze out Issue 112 of Tapestry – I don’t know why I’m struggling so much.

Lots of non-writing stuff on my mind. Perhaps I will write about it – but I don’t know if I am comfortable putting it on the blog.

Posted Julie’s entry over at 13 Journals; updated the Devon Ellington site; and worked on a few other projects that I can’t yet discuss! :) I’m going to wait until Mercury goes direct before going public with any of them.

So, I’m writing, but can’t write all that much about the writing. In fact, I wrote a damn lot today, even if it wasn’t on that I planned. But certain pieces were tugging me, and distracting me to an extent I couldn’t get anything else done. I have GOT to get over my Serial Avoidance Syndrome – we might need a support group for this! Or maybe just a nice cocktail. The heat is so oppressive.

I’m going to go watch horse racing now – Arlington Million today.

And Lighthouse Lady calls.

Struggling with the hockey article. I need to look at it from a different angle. I think the problem is that, right now, it’s too personal. I’ll shoot it past one of my hockey buddies to get his input. He’s used to my eccentricities, and he’s always forthright with me.

Have to get a good start on the horse racing article tonight, because there won’t be much time to finish it when I get back from the show tomorrow.

Sent out some press releases about the contest placement, and wrote the release for Elusive Prayers. If I wait too long after the publication date, it’s, well, too long.

Monday, my thoughts need to turn towards the two tarot articles that are due in a couple of weeks.

And I need to do much more work on both websites. I need to redo the Cerridwen one completely – it’s the text that’s the most complicated there, believe it or not. And the coding for the new Devon pages is taking me for gosh darned ever.

And, hey, I got five loads of laundry done. I now have clean clothes again. And clean sheets. And towels. And . . .you get the idea.

Off to the races!



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