Friday, August 26, 2005

Aug. 26 Part III

The great thing about the Principal Daywork call is that I’m by myself up on the third floor and have a lot of time to think while I’m ironing and steaming and fixing things.

I had a huge breakthrough in Widow’s Chamber. HUGE. Unfortunately, it can’t be implemented in the serial version. But will be once the serial is over and I revise it into novel format. Those of you wonderful, loyal readers who’ve stuck with it for two years – while you’ll recognize some things from the serial, the novel will be remarkably different.

I’m doing a change of theme. Plot will be similar, but much tighter. But the theme, ah, yes, THE THEME is strengthened.

All thanks to an interview I read with Sue Monk Kidd. While the changes I’m making have nothing to do with what she discussed, something in the actual interview just threw a switch in my head and –well, there it is.

It will take 1-2 years to make those revisions, but I will let it take its own pace, section by section. It will be worth it. Serial subscribers can enjoy both versions.

There’s a part of me that wants to end Tapestry for good with Issue 117 and not renew. I’m still debating. I doubt I’ll do it – I still have too much to say, it’s all outlined, and the serial format allows me to say it. But the temptation looms.

I think what I really just need to do is put my head down and push through to the finish line with all of them. I know where I’m going with everything but Angel Hunt – and even that will make itself known to me when I get back into its world. So, if I hunker down and just power through it, I think I’ll be okay.

Also, with regards to Periwinkle – I can let it take its own time. I’m not on a deadline with it. If I work even one scene per day . . .it works better for me to think in terms of scenes, more like a playwright or screenwriter, than in terms of pages. For the serials, I have to always think in terms of pages and episodes. But this – it can create its own rhythm. As I always say, with each novel, you have to reinvent the wheel. I’m not on serial schedule, it’s not about deadlined episodes – I can let it ebb and flow like the tides of its Montauk location.

On the train home, a new cast of characters started to speak to me (not related to any of the above). I jotted some notes and then told them to SHUT UP. I have enough to do without starting any new projects.

Wait your turn, gosh darn it!

But, overall, I feel better about where I’m going. So, I didn’t meet the financial goals this year. But I learned a lot, and I set a foundation that will serve me well in the future. So, see through the projects with integrity and start next year with a clean slate.

I’m already working on new GDR questions! ;)



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