Thursday, August 11, 2005

August 11 Part IV

Three issues of Widow’s Chamber written, polished, and sent. I’m happy with them. The story is accelerating and gaining momentum as it approaches the final confrontations. I just finished Issue 182 – I figure it will end somewhere between Issue 220 – 250. There’s still a lot to deal with, but now I’ve got a roadmap and it helps. I also managed to swing it back to tie to Elusive Prayers nicely.

Resent the blurbs for four of the ebooks. As soon as ebook #3 is sent to the editor, I will send the blurbs for 5 & 6, so the artists can get going on the sketches.

Picked up some fresh wild salmon for dinner. Yum-mee!

I should work on Tapestry after dinner, but I’ll probably work on Lighthouse Lady. I don’t want to lose the flow on that. But I do need to give Tapestry some attention. The Benefit Murder arc is very close to the end – maybe two to three more issues. I was going to skip the Chicago arc, but then I realized I need the events that take place in Chicago for some of the incidents leading up to Finding Jake. I’m going to try to keep it to two or three episodes, because I’m not sure how many episodes I will need of Nina in Edinburgh at the Fringe.

First priority tomorrow is another revision for the calendar article.

And then, of course, tomorrow Racing Ink returns for the weekend. And I have to get some entries up on 13 Journals.

Never a dull moment. That’s the way I like it.

I also have some fun interactive ideas for here that I will probably implement some time next week.



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