Monday, August 15, 2005

August 15 Part II

Watched the video and finished the racing article. It should publish tomorrow.

Wrote, polished, and sent three issues of Tapestry – up through Issue 115. Outlining the arcs last night helped a lot – I hit a good groove. I have to rest my eyes and my back or I’d finish out this arc – I think it’s two more episodes. The dénouement between Nina, Zack and the murderer went very well. I’m pleased with it. I think I came up with some good details.

I was back in the groove, enjoying the process, and then . . .

Unfortunately, more frustrations – those who have bought Elusive Prayers aren’t getting the download. I’ve sent off an email asking what’s going on. This is very frustrating. First – no warning about pub date, so I couldn’t do any advance work. Then – the wrong blurb up, although I sent the info four months ago. On top of that, although I re-sent the right blurb in the return email, it’s still not up. Now, people who order it can’t get it. And it is CRUCIAL that there be good coverage in the days close to publication. That is industry protocol, and there’s a reason for it.

And I’m busting my ass for this company because . . .?

There’s no surprise I get Serial Avoidance Syndrome, since every day brings new –and totally unnecessary – frustrations. I’m doing my job. I’m keeping up my end of the contract. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect it to work both ways.

And how the hell am I supposed to market this if people can’t order it? The point of ebooks is that you pay, you click, you download. No waiting.

The publisher claims there is no problem. Well, until I know how it’s working, I’m sitting on the rest of the PR materials and I’ve suspended work on Lighthouse Lady.

Once you lose a customer, they don’t come back. So I’m not going to set myself up to lose customers because the publisher can’t deliver as promised.

To say I am unhappy about this is an understatement.

I have to find out what the mantra for “annoyance” is. The Manx word for “frustration” is “tarmestey”. Yeah, that sounds right. Tarmestey.

I’m also hurt. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you’re not supposed to take any of this stuff personally, but how can I not? I knew it was a start-up when I signed on. But I’ve done everything I can to help it succeed. In two years, it should be running like clockwork, not fresh frustrations every day. I’m tired of being scolded and experimented on with half-baked ideas that don’t work and my concerns being dismissed. This is my business, not my hobby. I actually do my homework before I make a pitch. And when I make a commitment, I keep it. And I expect and demand the same for those with whom I have contracts. I don’t think it’s unreasonable.

I can’t wait until Mercury goes direct.



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