Thursday, August 18, 2005

August 18 Part II

Busy day. Good busy, but busy.

There’s a wonderful project out there called A Passion for Peace, with a Write a Piece for Peace Challenge in 2005. I’m definitely going to do it. I encourage everyone to check out the site, whether you end up working on a piece or not.

Wrote another five pages of Periwinkle, finishing up Chapter 8. It’s surprising me in the right way. Charlie believes he’ll have his own book, so he’s stopped trying to take over this one. I wrote the beach scene between Charlie and Katie, and it does what it needs to do. Tomorrow I can do some work on the wedding rehearsal scene.

Did some character work on another piece. I’m trying a different process with it. I don’t want to always do the same thing, because then I narrow my abilities. So I’m trying a new way of working. I never write out character work before I start writing a piece. I always let the character talk to me and reform it later. So it’s time to switch things around. She’s not talking, though; she’s presenting snapshots of her life. So we’ll see where this leads.

Did some tarot work, updated the Journal project with info and links. Sent out information on another project that’s getting ready to launch soon. Setting up the follow-through and administration systems before launching a project saves ever so much time and effort in the long run.

Did an issue of The Widow’s Chamber and part of an issue of Tapestry. I really need to get two more issues of Charlotte done quickly to be where I’d like to be before next week’s trip.

Did some necessary invoicing, pitched a couple more articles, sent out some emails to garner information for some other articles. Caught up on some email – but there’s still a ton of it that needs to be dealt with.

I had a good yoga session this morning – a nice looong one, finally. I think I will do a couple of poses now, before I do some filing. Then I’ll glance over tomorrow’s race card – after all, Racing Ink returns tomorrow for the weekend.

The car passed inspection and I had them work on the brakes a bit. I like my brakes pretty tight, and they were loosening, plus making a weird squeaky noise. I’m of the school of “When it makes a noise, turn up the radio; if you can’t hear it, it doesn’t exist”, but with a trip coming up, I don’t want to risk my brakes. Now it’s all good.

I’m making chicken Creole for dinner tonight – and looking forward to it.

Will attempt to do some work on Charlotte tonight, but if not, I’ll do it tomorrow. I have a pretty good idea where the next few episodes need to go.

I got my oversized 2006 calendar, so I can start putting in dates and getting an overview of what will end when and when press releases need to go out, etc., etc., etc.

Fridays are a bad day to send out press releases, especially in the summer, so I might wait to send out the next wave on Elusive Prayers until early next week.

Congrats to Mik for finishing her romance serial. Read about it:



At 5:54 PM, Blogger Gareth said...

Devon, thankyou very much for viewing my blog and for leaving a message on one of my posts. It was even funnier in real life. I knew I recognised your name from somewhere and then I thought of Lara's blog in Wisconsin. I will view your blog from now on, so no pressure, lol. Once again thank-you.
(And incase you are wondering in the UK we spell some words a little differently from you, e.g. recogniZed becomes recogniSed). You are welcome to view my blog any time.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Gareth said...

Please do add me to your links, thankyou.
Actually it's interesting that you should mention the different spelling between our two countries - we both speak English, yet in some ways we don't!
A few years ago I spent 10 weeks living and working in Pittsburgh, PA through a scholarship program. That was one thing that struck me during my time there was the different spelling. Sometimes I spell words the US way. So I totally understand where you are coming from with that.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Woo! Thanks for the plug!

I had chicken creole last night. But I suspect you make your from scratch, don't you? (Mine was a box! LOL)

At 1:31 AM, Blogger Ben O. said...

Hey Devon, thanks for stopping by.
I am interested in your writing progress. I'll be stopping back here to keep up.

Thanks again - Ben O.


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