Saturday, August 20, 2005

August 20, 2005 Racing Ink

Life (and a storm) got in the way yesterday, so no Friday picks. My apologies.

Here, however, are my ideas for today and tomorrow:

Saturday, Aug. 20 at Saratoga:
1st Race: Crafty Player to place, and long shot Long Gone Con to show.
5th Race: Kilimanjaro to win; long shot International Cat to show.
6th Race: Port Chester to win; long shot Broadway Idol to show.
7th Race: Patriot Act, Happy Hunting, and Sun Beat, but not sure yet how I’ll shuffle them. From the charts, it looks like the above order would be win-place-show, but I want to see them in the paddock before the race to decide.
8th Race: Boxed exacta with Urban Conquest and Raffit.
9th Race – Troy Stakes – this is interesting. Provincetown seems to me to be going off at remarkably long odds. If he looks good, he might be a good long shot bet. Willard Straight is the favorite, but I’m on the fence about him. I like both Funfair and Diamond Green better. There’s also a long shot called Steel Light that I want to take a look at. Since I’m not closely familiar with any of the horses, it may be a look-don’t-bet race with an eye towards finding a good horse for future bets.
10th Race – Alabama Stakes: I adore Spun Sugar, so she’s my pick. I don’t think Sis City can be discounted, in spite of her last two races, so I’ll either box them in an exacta, or do Spun Sugar to win and Sis City to place.

Saturday, Aug. 20 at Arlington:
3rd Race: Orphan Cartwright and Iceplosion.
9th Race – Arlington Breeders’ Cup Stakes: Gallant Secret is in here as a long shot. I’ll pick this horse to at least show; I’ve always liked her.
10th Race: Voodoo Fever

Saturday, Aug. 20 at Del Mar:
4th Race: Itty Bitty Pretty to place.

Sunday, Aug. 21 at Saratoga:
1st Race: Silent Bid and Yes Yes Yes.
3rd Race: Heathrow – I don’t think he has much competition in this field. Of course, I could be wrong – this IS horse racing. A good long shot surprise is always welcome, even if I didn’t pick him!
4th Race: If it moves to the Main Track, War Marshall; otherwise, I’ll sit it out.
6th Race: NY bred Runningforpresdient.
7th Race: Whale is at 1-1 odds, so I’ll take a look.
8th Race Aristocat, Deputy Indy and AP Arrow are all in this one, and I’ll have to figure out how to sort them; there’s also a 20-1 longshot called Bargainwiththedevil that I want to look at, but will probably not bet on in this slot.
9th Race: Saratoga Breeders’ Cup Handicap Grade II: Suave and Royal Assault look good to me here. Evening Attire is in, at long odds; I love this horse, but have been disappointed in him so often that I’m reluctant to put money on him. I’ll have to take a look at him right before the race.
10th Race: Magic Belle across the board.

Sun. Aug. 21 at Arlington:
2nd Race: Steamboat Express

Sunday, Aug. 21 at Del Mar:
3rd Race: Outlaw Jones
7th Race: Loving Cup, Cusak, and Spanky’s Ladder
8th Race – Pacific Classic Stakes Grade I: I think this is a good slot for Borrego, so I’ll put him here either to win or to place. I like Perfect Drift – to place or to show. I also like Polish Times and Choctaw Nation, but am not sure where to slot them in yet.

Happy Racing!


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