Friday, August 26, 2005

August 26 Racing Ink

Fri. Aug. 26 – Saratoga:
1st Race – Grendl
6th Race – Glasgow to place
8th Race Spinaway Stakes – I might box Folklore and Adieu
9th Race Personal Ensign Stakes Grade 1 – Ashado across the board; might look at Island Sand for something.

Sat. Aug. 27 – Saratoga:
1st Race: Cathedral Lodge to place and show – I saw this horse work last week. Huge, easy striding horse.
2nd Race: Witch Ways West
5th Race: I’m going to look at Prince Rahy and Bastille, but haven’t made a decision yet.
7th: Whale. If it moves to the Main Track and Ice Wynnd Fire runs, I’ll take him across the board. I want to take a look at Miesque’s Approval. I might go with Battle Chant to place and Chilly Rooster to show, but want to see them before the race.
8th – Fourstar Dave Stakes Grade 2: Senor Swinger in there somewhere. I want to look at Steel Light. I might not bet him at all, or I might choose him to show.
9th – Hopeful Stakes Grade 1: I want to box First Samurai and Henny Hughes.
10th – King’s Bishop Stakes Grade 1: Lost in the Fog across the board. I love this horse. And I love how his connections place him with a lack of ego. Even though I’ve often said I wished I’d seen him on the road to the Triple Crown, his connections place him where he WINS. I also want to put Fusaichi Rock Star and Storm Surge in the mix somewhere.
11th – Travers Stakes Grade 1: I will continue to pass on Bellamy Road, as I’ve done all year. I’m going wit Flower Alley and Roman Ruler, both across the board and boxed. I want to look at Chekov and Andromeda’s Hero to see where I think they’ll fit. Andromeda’s Hero progressed more quickly than I thought; I didn’t think he’d blossom until this late. So does he continue, or will he go backwards for a race or two?
12th Race: Tiverton across the board. Possibly London to place or show.

Sun. Aug. 28 – Saratoga:
1st race: Peter’s Puddles and One-Eyed Joker – not sure what order yet.
4th Race: This is a Look-Not-Bet race for me with Queen For A Knight (who’s disappointed me regularly this meet) and Champagne Ending.
5th Race (2 year old fillies, so anything can happen): I want to take a look at Ebony Rose and at Tiz Nik, the latter sired by Tiznow.
7th: Ice Wynnd Fire across the board (unless he runs the previous day). Possibly Broadway View in there somewhere, if he looks good.
9th – Ballerina Stakes Grade 1: I like Bank Audit, My Trusty Cat, and Forest Music, though I’ll have to see them in order to sort them.

Happy Racing!


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