Wednesday, August 31, 2005

August 31 Part III

I couldn’t concentrate on creative work, but I got a lot of administrative work done.

I answered a great deal of email. It amazes me how quickly it stacks up. I’m grateful for most of it; I just sometimes struggle to stay on top of it.

Most of the month of October is set for Circadian Poems. Not only set, but prepared so that I just have to upload the material on the appropriate day. There are a couple of slots I’m still on the fence about, and some poems I want to wait and use in November. But the submissions are coming in, and I’m delighted at the high quality.

I remounted the journal photos on The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project, so that the new members could take a look at their choices.

I did an enormous amount of work on the Round Table interview. I sent out a couple more questions, rearranged the material I had. While I think a magazine would do extensive cutting – it’s a loooong interview – there’s also a great deal of good and unique information in it.

Call for Short Halloween Verse!

Instead of a single poem on Halloween (Samhein), I’d like to post a variety of short verse, up to ten lines. So, if you’ve got something you’d like considered, please submit it here. If you’re scratching your head asking, “What the heck is Circadian Poems?” then click the link to the right.

I was feeling quite ill earlier (chest pains, short of breath) and had a chat with the doctor, who reprimanded me about the amount of stress I’ve taken on, especially in relation to the situation in New Orleans. “You can’t go down there and fix it all by yourself, and you can’t go down there and help rebuild it if you give yourself a heart attack over it now,” he told me sternly. I told him I feel I have no right to be sick when so many people are in such terrible straits and he continued, “Take damn care of yourself now so that you can be of some use!”

Point taken.

I want to finish my friend’s manuscript tonight. I’m having such fun with it, I’ll be sorry to see it end.



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