Wednesday, August 31, 2005

August 31 Part IV

I just emailed Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair and told him how disgusted I was by the silence from the international community.

Hey, he makes his email public, he’s going to hear from me!


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Susan Abraham said...

Devon, Blair's only just returned with his family from his summer holidays in Barbados, yesterday. regards

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

RE: Susan's comment: How nice for Blair. Kinda like our good ole prez on holiday in California. Here's my question: Why the bloody hell did OUR government wait until YESTERDAY to mobilize and help those people down in NO?

Good on ya for emailing Mr. Blair. hehe

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Devon Ellington said...

And you know what? They have televisions in Barbados. And radios. And newspapers.

And telephones.

It's quite easy to call a press conference, even on vacation.


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