Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot and humid

Yesterday was another non-creative writing day. I did a good bit of administrative work on various projects, updated sites, worked on logos and long-term plans, etc. But there wasn’t much of actually getting words on paper.

Part of it was because I felt under the weather. Not sure exactly what it was – not horrible, just off and unable to do extended periods of work. Perked up again in the evening, though.

I’m all packed for Saratoga. I need to print out some directions and write down some addresses and phone numbers, and I’m all set.

I’m one of those eccentrics who MUST be packed several days before a trip or I fret. None of that packing at the last minute for me.

I need to do some work on Charlotte today and then I’m caught up, serial wise.

There are some other things I’d like to do, but we’ll see if they get done.

The big achievement last night was taking everything out of my closet and sorting it. I tried on most of it. There are things I’ve had for a long time—and a not-so-long time that simply don’t suit me any more. Some of them were favorite pieces and were good for their time, but no longer. Some pieces I can’t bear to part with, and will be packed away. But I’m giving away about 50 items (three big bags) to charity. And I have about a half a dozen gorgeous vintage pieces that don’t look right on me anymore, so I’m considering putting them up on eBay. They’re high quality, some of them are designer, and they deserve a good home. Actually, all the pieces deserve good homes, which is why they’re being passed on. They’re good quality, well-maintained (I do work in wardrobe, remember). I find great pieces in thrift shops -- now it’s time for my used pieces to make someone else happy.

I’m surprised at the big gaps in my closet, and I’m sitting down to figure out what I need to fill them. Slacks for fall and winter are a priority. I gave away many pairs because they were pleated; I’ve never liked pleated pants, but I wore them the past few years with gritted teeth. No more. I always had the strength of character to refuse low-rise jeans, no matter how popular they are – I can refuse pleated slacks. I hate low rise jeans on me. They’re uncomfortable. Even when they look good, I don’t like the way they feel.

I like well-tailored, simple clothing. Actually, I enjoy ruffled clothing on other people – I look idiotic in it.

I also realized how working out has changed the shape of my body. While I’m still slender, my shoulders and back have much more definition. They’ve broadened – between the weight training and tossing around 40 pound costumes on the show. It looks better than ever, but clothes fit differently, and I have to have shirts, jackets, and dresses that flatter the definition. I’ve gone from being just thin to fit and trim. The yoga has also helped with posture and lengthening the spine, so I carry myself differently. Clothes hang properly now (nothing like a career in the theatre to teach you how fabric should drape).

And, of course, through simple life experience, I’ve developed my own style and I like it.

That’s a compliment I must pay, in general, to both New Yorkers and tourists this summer, of both genders. People are walking around looking great. I mean, you always get a few wearing pink sequined spandex when they shouldn’t, but the majority of people I pass on the streets of New York are having fun with clothes. They’re not tied in to overpriced designer names, nor merely trying to recreate looks out of magazines that only look good on the walking clothes hangers on which they’re photographed. People are choosing colours and styles and fabrics that they like and that they feel good in. That good feeling radiates outwards. There’s a lot of variety and personal style now, and I think that’s a good thing.

The above musings might seem meaningless in connection with my writing, but, since the characters in Periwinkle deal with clothes and fashion a good deal, it actually ties in, in a weird way.

Off to look after the neighbor’s cat, and then back to do some writing.

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