Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday, August 25, 2005
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Helloooo! It felt odd not to blog for two days!

The trip to Saratoga was great! Physically, I’m tired – up at 5 AM on Tuesday and 4 AM on Wednesday. Compared to theatre people, I’m an early riser; compared to racetrackers, I’m an absolute sloth!

I’ll write about the trip in some travel articles and for Travelpod, most likely. I’ll just say that Saratoga is more beautiful than ever; I reconnected with old friends and strengthened friendships and got to appreciate the beauty of people I don’t get to spend enough time with, but I certainly appreciate them; I made some new acquaintances, which I hope will grow into friendships; and I love me some horsies! :)

These multi-million dollar race horses are just oversized lap dogs to me, and one of my favorite things to do is spend time with them showering them with affection. They’re smart creatures – they know a soft touch when they see one! I just adore them. I doubt there’s a place for me as an owner of racehorses. Mostly due to finances – because once I take responsibility for a horse, I believe I am responsible for life. That means not selling him to slaughter when he can’t race anymore, but making sure he can go to a nice farm with green pastures where he can run and play with his friends and be a horse. I’m not tough enough nor objective enough to be able to lose a horse in a claiming race or to a breakdown where he needs to be euthanized. Each individual one is extremely important to me, and, in the racing game, that can, literally, kill you.

If I ever become a multi-millionaire, I want to build a facility where injured horses (and riders) can rehab together, with the best mix of holistic and Western treatments, and retired horses can dash around and enjoy their golden years.

The night before I left was exciting, because I got an idea for a new novel and wrote a nine-page outline for it. At first, I thought it was simply about Hollywood in the 1930’s. The more I worked on it, the more theatre crept in, and I realized that the theme was about the tug between art and commerce in the arts. It’s a wide-ranging piece. I’d definitely have to do research, but much of what I’ve learned in my life being in theatre and having a deep love of the history of theatre and the history of film would come into play.

It’s another possibility for National Novel Writing Month in November. I really want to do it. If I do, because of the pace, it has to be something that does not require a great deal of research, at least to write the first draft. The contenders are:

1. The 1930’s piece.
2. Intricacies of a Labyrinth
3. Either the second or final volume of Ransagh
4. The post-civil War piece that was originally conceived as a script for the Canadian company, but which I might do as a novel instead. – though that would require me to spend a great deal of time in research over the next few days.

We’ll see.

There’s more chaos in Serial Land on several fronts. I can’t go into yet. I immediately came up with Plan B. Since then, (thanks to the advice of my tarot card pulls), I’ve also come up with Plans C, D, E, and F. No matter what the fate of the company is, I need to maintain both the integrity of the stories and make sure my regular and loyal readers do not feel cheated. And there’s more than one way to do so.

Today, I need to sort out notes from the trip – boy, what a lot of ideas came out of that; work on the two articles due on September 1, and work on the round table interview article. It was supposed to be in my email today – it didn’t come through and I had to ask the last person to resend it. I also need to hand write a stack of thank-you notes to people in Saratoga, and catch up on Thirteen Traveling Journals, Circadian Poems, and Place and Space.

And, of course, Periwinkle waits!

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At 9:58 AM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Wow. You sound like you had a terrific and productive time! :) Congrats on all the ideas and welcome home. We missed you. ;)

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Welcome back! Saratoga sounds like a place I'd like to visit some day. A two-day trip and a whole new novel forthcoming! Now that's fruitful! d:)

At 7:16 PM, Blogger Tenille said...

It's good to see you back. Glad to see the ideas keep pouring in. I love hearing you talk about the theatre. it will be interesting to hear about the development of this project.


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