Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
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The news from New Orleans continues to grow more and more heartbreaking. Basically, the city has been destroyed. Two major levees broke – one 300 feet across. Lake Pontchatrain is filling the city, and won’t stop until the water in the city is level with that of the lake.

30,000 people have to be evacuated from the Superdome – which has no sanitary system, no food, no water, and no ventilation – with no way to get to them and no place to take them.

Looters are shooting each other and the police – I think the looters should be shot on sight and fed to the alligators, myself.

While hotels accepted people with pets, most shelters did not, thereby signing death warrants. When you’ve lost everything, you need the comfort of your pets. To childless people, pets ARE their children, and if children are allowed in shelters, then pets need to be, too. The government has to mandate that shelters are set up that are pet-friendly in addition to pet-free shelters for those who are afraid or allergic. And those individuals who refused the help, cowardly citing “company policy” -- they are PERSONALLY responsible for deaths, and their karma has already been tainted. May the Karma Dogs move quickly to let them know that their actions will not be tolerated.

A contingent of emergency workers from New York has already left – New Orleans sent up several rescue squads after 9/11, and many of those same individuals are now returning to help their friends. New Jersey sent down a fleet of electrical trucks and workers to help get power restored as quickly as possible. While in Mississippi, they will probably get it back up in a few weeks, there’s no telling how long New Orleans will remain lost.

I feel like a part of my heart has been torn out. That city means a lot to me.

What I want to know is, where the FUCK are international offers for help? The US was criticized after the tsunami – before most people had even heard it happened – we were expected to pour billions of dollars into the region within 15 minutes after the first wave hit. Literally. We are expected to pour billions of dollars into Africa to wipe out famine – even though 90% of the aid never reaches the people who need it because of corruption. I don’t know if the US government did anything, but I know individual agencies organized aid for the flood victims in Europe this summer. We’re accused of being “stingy” – yet we have over one million people homeless AND TRAPPED right now and the majority of the international community has been silent. SILENT.

I’m surfing the net looking at international newspapers and, for the most part, such as in the Scotsman yesterday – three paragraphs from the AP wire.

Except Canada.

Canada, as usual, comes through. I’m not sure what the government policy is in regard to this disaster, but individual Canadians and organizations are stepping up. And the Toronto Star newspaper has hooked up blogs from the New Orleans Times-Picayune –which, obviously, can’t publish a newspaper right now – to keep news flowing.

Thank you, Canada. Your humanity, generosity, and neighborliness are deeply appreciated.

With great difficulty, I must pull my attention back to writing. Since I am not a National Guardsperson or a trained engineer, right now, I am rather useless in the situation down South. However, when it hits a point where we can start helping people put their lives together, hopefully, there will be a way to help.

I’m hoping that Habitat for Humanity will work down there with projects. I urge people to contact them and perhaps spend part of your next vacation helping rebuild homes in the area. I’ve sent them an email asking about it, and will post information as I receive it.

Day Work was fine yesterday. It was good to be around people and discuss the situation and try to figure out how the theatre community can take action.

Also, I had a breakthrough in the Round Table Interview article. I’m rearranging the questions, and it flows much better, and packs a better punch. I look forward to doing more work on that today.

I had an idea for a Christmas story, that I hope to start this weekend, once I’ve cleared away some of the other deadlines. A story just for family and friends, a small booklet to enclose with the holiday cards.

I had some more ideas for Widow’s Chamber – not ideas I can implement immediately, but overall thematic schemes to use in the rewrite. What can I say? Sometimes you reach page 796 and realize where you went wrong!

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the “shared world” concept of anthologies. It’s something I like a lot. A group of sci-fi/fantasy writers got together over drinks at a conference years ago and came out with a line of novels set in a place called “Sanctuary”. The first six or seven were very good. I find the concept interesting. I think my copies are all in storage at this point, but I wonder if I can track down interview on the process of writing them online.

Llewellyn has formulated a permissions policy so that their images can be used for Kemmyrk – so I’ll be photographing cards today and uploading them later.

I have to tear myself away from the news today and spend time writing. It’s hard, but I have to. Other than pressuring my senators and representatives with ideas to keep gas and oil prices down – they jumped 56 cents since YESTERDAY – there’s not much help I can yet give to the situation down South. All I can do is prepare, so that when the opportunity arises, I can do so.

And I can’t wait to get back to my friend’s manuscript!

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At 10:20 AM, Blogger Tenille said...

I fond that I had to turn the news off this morning myself. It seems to grow worse by the inute and I'm feeling so powerless. You've done so well at expressing your thoughts and feelings about this terrible, terrible tragedy. And I... I'm just stunned. La is a neighboring state of mine and I've been trying to reach out to friends who live and/or have families there. It's just so sad.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Colin said...

I'd never thought about it like that, Devon. Got me wondering why my Government hasn't pledged aid of somekind. There's an air of hypocrisy here I never noticed....US always expected to pay, but so rich nobody need offer help of any kind. I agree with what you say.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Our news is reporting that 100 'highly-trained' Canadian Red Cross workers will be leaving today, at the request of the American RC - who for the first time in history has requested assistance. The Canadians will leave today and will help assess the situation. I can't find the news article that references it online but it's been mentioned several times on the TV.

Ugh, it just makes my heart ache to watch this. And feel so helpless.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Lara said...

I know my church is heavily involved in the relief efforts--but it does make one feel very helpless. I have been obsessed with watching the news, things just seem to be getting worse and worse.
Your thoughts are most likely echoed by the majority of Americans--WHERE IS EVERYONE?

What a tragedy. It breaks the heart.


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