Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Big Lesson from Katrina

The big lesson here is that if you are poor in the United States of America, your goverment will let you die in the street.

The mayor has been pleading for days for help. The police and the workers down there are doing everything they can.

And Bush says, "oh, help is coming. Troops will arrive next week."

They need help in the next few hours. People are dying in front of the teleivsion camera -- the old, the children, and Bush can fly his plane over the area and make grim faces -- but he can't fucking get supplies in?

The trained UN teams are ready and waiting to give assistance. And neither Bolton nor Bush will make the call. Why not? WHY THE HELL NOT?

So hoard your pennies, everyone. Because next time, unless you're a corporate big wig with the wherewithal to get out . . .it could be you.


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

I am so angry right now that I am crying and shaking. It's a piercing, screaming anger. I've been hearing the mayor and the governor of Louisana begging for help. I've been seeing the people, mostly people of color, dying, suffering and begging for help. This is UTTER INSANITY.

And now, anarchy has broken out. I KNEW this would be the end result of the Bush administrations refusal to take action. Bush makes me ill. How dare he fly over and make an appearance and tell the folks that help is on the way. I'm shaking from my anter, I really am.

Thank you for your posts, Devon. I'm going to start my own e-mail campaign to my representatives and anyone else I can think of this afternoon.

This is absurd. Citizens of the United States of America (and I don't care WHAT color their skin is) should NOT be allowed to suffer and die on live TV while their government won't take action.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Ann said...

I agree. This makes me utterly sick. Why did Bush stay on vacation when he knew this was coming? Why don't we accept the UN help? The pictures on the news are horrible.


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