Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday, September 16, 2005
Waxing Moon
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Neptune Retrograde
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Rainy, hot, humid

So a research facility in New Jersey “lost” three mice – mice that are contaminated with the bubonic plague. Lost ‘em. Now, this is a facility that does WMD testing for the government.

Wonder how many Bush appointees without credentials are running that facility, too?

The spokesperson blew off concerns, saying the mice probably died within two days (they lost ‘em a month ago, but are only admitting it now – and, hey, someone’s worried, because they’ve called in the FBI to hunt for mice) and there’s no health risk.

Beg pardon, but there is.

Remember how the plague was carried in the middle ages?


And if the mice got out and contaminated/were eaten by other rodents or other animals, who knows how many contaminated creatures are running around.

This is not acceptable.

It’s typical, but it’s not acceptable.

Anyone catch the Smirking Slug’s address to the union last night? His scriptwriters must be commended. They crafted a quality piece of fiction full of empty promises.

His spinmeisters are comparing it to his speech after 9/11.

That was another good piece of fiction.

Filled with promises and hope.

Result: Nothing.

To those poor ignorant souls pulled from the Reliant Center and coached to respond enthusiastically, remember this: He’s great at making promises. He’s even better at making excuses when he does not come through with them.

Not only did the promised resources not come through to NY after 9/11, but, let me remind you that less than two months ago, Bush threatened to take money back from us.

And Ground Zero still hasn’t been rebuilt, because New Yorkers aren’t going to let a bunch of Bush-appointed developers decide what to put there.

Bush made it very clear in carefully couched language emphasizing “rebuilding”, “entrepreneurship” and the government taking the lead role “for the good of the community” that he’s going to hand it over to his buddies at Halliburton and use Eminent Domain so his friends can have whatever they want.

And Dick Cheney’s going to be laughing all the way to the bank.

Smoke and Mirrors, people, that’s all it is. Smoke and mirrors. And the administration thinks because they got away with it after 9/11, because only New Yorkers were aware of the extent of the fiction, they can do it again.

As the members of the 9/11 commission pointed out last night, NONE of the recommendations made by the commission that could have saved lives in Katrina and beyond were put into effect, although Bush made those empty promises after the hearings.

Smoke and Mirrors, people. I’ve worked in the theatre my entire life. I know illusion when I see it, and I know what goes into it. And I know how flimsy it is.

In spite of the post-speech plants, there are plenty of evacuees who weren’t taken in. At one of the shelters in Baton Rouge, people wanted to know why Bush stood in an empty city, rather than facing them in the shelter and speaking to them directly.

Two reasons: First and foremost, he’s a coward. Secondly, the stage set of the St. Louis Cathedral with the well-manicured lawns and the special lighting – paid for, we are assured, by the White House – which means OUR TAX DOLLARS – is symbolic.

And that gave him the opportunity to break the law by encouraging people to donate to faith-based charities. Which he is NOT allowed to do as president (separation of church and state), but did anyway.

In light of Katrina, he continues to promote his religious right agenda.

At Molly’s, the bar that was open throughout all of this in the quarter, quite close to the Cathedral, people wanted to know why he couldn’t be bothered to stop by after his speech and actually talk to them and find out their concerns. “We ain’t gonna hurt him,” one guy said, “we just want answers. Those weren’t answers.”

Nice to know that there are still some people who aren’t blinded and placated by empty words.

On a writing front, due to some sort of glitch, I lost one of the two articles due yesterday – all drafts, all notes, everything. I have to recreate it from scratch today.

Over the past few days I’ve been working on both Imaginative Powers and Never Too Late. They’re both going at a good clip. The stories are very different, but the characters are equally insistent that their voices be heard now.

I’m still trying to sort out a muddle I tied myself into on Three Artifacts. I wrote myself into a corner, and haven’t quite figured out how to escape the trap. I’m playing with different possibilities, but nothing is quite right.

Day work was fine. Dozens of snaps needed repair, and all sorts of small tears and nicks and things in the voluminous layers of the Oz dresses. But it was fine. All good.

This weekend has to be about a lot of writing and completing two manuscript critiques. It’s supposed to be stormy – hope some of the humidity cuts through. It’s pretty dreadful. I’m going to keep my eye on the brook – don’t feel like dealing with a flood.

Now, to try to recreate the article. It was one of my better ones – I hit a good groove in the writing of it; wish I could remember what I said.

Oh, well.



At 2:36 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

"On a writing front, due to some sort of glitch, I lost one of the two articles due yesterday – all drafts, all notes, everything. I have to recreate it from scratch today."

good luck with it. d:

At 8:57 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Good land. Mice with bubonic plague have escaped a research facility?


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