Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday, September 5, 2005
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Condoleeza Rice speaks in support of Bush’s action during the hurricane. This is the woman who was running around New York City midweek last week, buying designer shoes while people drowned.

And, because we’re all concerned with what’s going on in our Gulf region, the smirking slug in the White House moseys to a microphone at a little past eight a.m. on a holiday Monday, announcing he wants John Roberts – who has not yet been confirmed –as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Michael Brown, of FEMA, will be the one offered up by the Bush administration as the sacrifice to quell the rage in this whole fiasco. He definitely should be removed – he does not have the qualifications for the job. But Bush should have never put him in there in the first place. He did so because Brown was the college roommate of one of the high-ups in the Bush campaign. This act of nepotism cost thousands of lives, and Bush cannot be let off the hook for it.

We have to move forward, we have to help one million people rebuild their lives from scratch. But the current spin –‘oh, look how much better it is now, let’s just forget what happened last week” can’t be allowed to happen.

Bush was useless after 9/1l. New Yorkers know it, even if the rest of the country is too blind to see through the spin. Bush has done nothing but lie and mislead the country regarding Iraq, causing thousands of deaths. And Bush has been useless in this crisis.

And the people of this country allow it to happen.

Hopefully, this is a wakeup call. Lives were finally saved because INDIVIDUALS took it into their own hands to make a difference. Now, we have to remove those whom were mistakenly given the power and the trust, and replace them with individuals who will actually work for the good of the people.

The current administration does not qualify.

Condoleeza Rice runs around buying shoes. Cheney is probably hiding in some bunker somewhere, again.

It’s just astonishing to me.

And the suicides within the NOPD have begun, including the spokesperson. They worked round the clock for days in a situation beyond them, without any support. And it was too much. And now, they are dying by their own hand. Their blood is on the hands of this government, as the deaths of so many are. And not in the sense of amorphous “government”, but of the specific individuals who refused to act in a timely manner.

A huge animal rescue effort is under way. Some people still won’t leave because they won’t leave their pets, and I agree. Pets are family members, and to demand that pets are left behind is yet another act of intolerable cruelty.

In the meantime, the animal rescue organizations – and the National Guard – are rescuing animals and setting up facilities, hoping to eventually reunite some of the pets with their owners. A high priority is to round up the dogs as quickly as possible. Once they’ve formed packs and begin to hunt, they’ll make the gun-toting looters look like kindergarteners, according to a vet with whom I spoke. An animal abandoned by a human and turned feral is far more dangerous than one who’s born feral. They are completely capable of, in their canine way, feeling the pain and rage and betrayal as strongly as abandoned people, and have very straightforward ways of acting on it.

On a writing front, yesterday, I polished six issues of Angel Hunt and sent them off. I tried to work on Charlotte and Widow’s Chamber, but couldn’t. Instead of a horse racing wrap up for Femmefan, I wrote about specific relief efforts in the sports world – don’t know if they’ll publish it, but I felt it was more useful than wrapping up the weekend at Saratoga. NTRA has launched “Racing to the Rescue” at racetracks all over the country, and Churchill Downs, owner of Fair Grounds, is making arrangements for those who would have worked at the Fair Grounds meet this fall and winter.

I also wrote thirteen pages on Thoughts are Things. It was meant to be an escape from all that’s going on, but, in an unusual way, is directly connected to it. But then, most good fantasy is actually social commentary set up in other worlds to make it more palatable. Terry Pratchett’s brilliant Disc World novels are some of the best social satires out there. You’re laughing and then it hurts because it’s so utterly true.

Today has to be about the serials, or I’ll get behind again. The serials just don’t seem very important right now.

So many people have been a great support system during this time, swapping information, expanding the circle of knowledge. I especially want to thank Eileen for all the emails and the information swap. Your strength and friendship during this difficult time means a lot.



At 12:36 PM, Blogger Gareth said...

Happy labor day Devon

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

I believe that this administration's legacy will be contained in two words - New Orleans.

I believe that an full inquiry has to be made into those in the government at every level, who are responsible for the ineptitude that caused untold suffering and death, all the way up the ladder to George W. Bush.

I don't care how many photo opportunities he's trying to make. The man shouldn't be in office. Fiasco as you said it the word that describes the events that we have seen post-Katrina.

Michael Brown couldn't even function in his capacities with Arabian horse shows, and yet Bush praises him at this time?

Yes, we have to move on. I also strongly believe that FEMA has to responsibly help survivors with long term needs. Will we see this happen when waiting lists for subsidized housing are all ready years in arrears...

Days went by with no food and no water and no help coming to survivors. How can we trust our government to protect us, when that is their primary responsibility, when they have demonstrated their inability to do so.

"Playing the blame game" just doesn't cover the scope and the breadth of the investigations that need to be conducted and the criminals within the government brought to bear for the wake of Katrina, and steps need to be taken to ensure that U.S. citizens can be made safe in future emergencies.

"A fool is very dangerous when in power."

Denis Fonvizin


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