Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sept. 4 Part II


There's been an outbreak of dysentery in Biloxi.

People are forcibly having the pets they rescued removed from them -- which is inexcusable. You can't take away someone's last bit of living comfort. . There need to be places for people with animals to go, as well as people who don't want to be around animals.

On the positive side, the US has agreed to allow in the UN aid, but is still "talking" about what it is.

The horrors just continue and the level of incompetence in the decision-making process continues to rise.

There are so many people actually in the trenches who are doing whatever they can do to help. One of the problems is that so much of the decision-making power lies with those who are not on-site.

The UN aid could have been onsite by Thursday. Yet it is now Sunday and all our government has agreed to do is "talk."


At 5:41 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

I saw news footage of CNN of a "Homeland Security Vehicle" sitting on the streets of New Orleans. The newscaster said it had arrived 5 1/2 days after Katrina, and the only thing it was doing was policing the press, the military and the packs of dogs running the street.

I think it's awful that they are taking pets away from survivors. My heart cries out to them. I love my animals so dearly.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Thank you for all your timely comments on this blog - after reading it, I decided to donate this quarter's tithe to Katrina victims - it's a very minor drop in the bucket, I know, but your words hopefully will move many more people to action.
One thing about all this - it makes people realize that the ordinary people of our country are better than its government.


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