Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sept. 14 Part II

So, through this tumultuous time I’ve been surfing sites to find inspiration. One site, which is highly ranked, had this to say on my lowest day:

“The world can live without you.”

Gee, thanks. JUST what I needed to hear to cheer me up.

Yeah, right, inspirational.

Think I can do better with my friends and my tarot cards, thank you very much. Won’t be buying your book! Geez, what do you do when someone you're "inspiring" is suicidal? Run the tub? Hand them the noose? Turn on the oven? Talk about irresponsible and predatory!

Anyway, today’s workload was okay, not brilliant: drafted the two articles due tomorrow and did some work on Imaginative Powers. And did some notes for another piece (these characters have really got to shut up – no, I don’t mean that. I mean, “please wait patiently until I catch up with the projects that demand attention ahead of you”).

Finally used my Amazon gift certificate from the “Dog Driving” contest placement – I’m in the need for some Terry Pratchett – the most brilliant social satirist of our time. I ordered his last book and his newest (Going Postal and Thud). And a couple of other things I need for studies I’m doing – long story.

Thank you, Isabelle, for your kind words. My French is strong enough to comprehend your comments, but I’m too shy to respond in French. But you have my heartfelt thanks.

Dinner and (working) a show.



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