Monday, September 19, 2005

Sept. 19 Part II

I caught up on The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project, and posted one of the submitted entries.

Did some work on Circadian Poems. There was a backlog of submissions. I needed to read them, send out acceptance letters to the poems accepted and rejection letters to the ones rejected. Pretty much the entire October roster is set – I have a few holes in the essay/article category, and some room for a couple more short Halloween poems, but launch month looks good to go. Everything’s formatted and set up – each day, I just have to upload the day’s feature. Soon, I can turn my attention to November.

If you want to know more about Circadian Poems, click here. If you want to submit a poem (30 lines or less; Halloween poems 10 lines or less; essays and opinions on poets/poetry/your response to poetry about 800 words), click here.

I have to finish the press release and send it out.

Finished polishing the notes on one of the manuscript critiques and sent it off. So that’s done – eight pages’ worth. Hopefully, the writer will find it useful.

Time to move on to the next manuscript up for critique.

Researched info for the curry article. I ought to be able to pull it together tomorrow, then polish it and send it off before Friday’s due date.

Finished the edits on the Round Table article. Started work on the query letter – I want to get that out this week. I’m already later than I wanted to be with it.

The ensemble from Never Too Late calls – time to get back to that. They’ve been very patient with me today.



At 6:47 AM, Blogger Colin said...

Each time you mention curry, I get hungry. :-)

Good luck with all your subs!


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