Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
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First and foremost, congrats to my colleague Tess Gerritsen (her blog linked to the right). I opened the NY Times Book Review on Sunday to find that her new novel Vanish hit the Bestseller List at #7, the first week out of the box. Good for her!

Please read the post below this one, my second post for yesterday, regarding the Katrina Relief benefit produced by company members of Wicked. If you’re around on Sunday, September 25, come on by!

So Bush cops to some of the responsibility for this fiasco, does he? Until there are some actions to back up the words, I remain skeptical that he actually has a clue as to the extent of his incompetence. The next step is to remove those who caused the problems – Bush, Cheney and Rice included. Simply removing Michael Brown is not enough. Also in need of removal are the individual cowards who hid behind “policy” – that means the individual who sent back the Wal-Mart truck full of water “on orders” when people so desperately needed it. If you’re too much of a coward to break the rules in order to save someone’s life, you have no right to be in a position to make life-or-death decisions.

ANYONE who hides behind “company policy” in ANY capacity who causes unnecessary death and/or suffering needs to be brought up on charges. Far too much malice is performed on a daily basis in corporations throughout America by cowards who dance with glee whenever they have the chance to exercise power in the name of “company policy”. Companies encourage this by allowing those malicious, greedy, power-hungry but power-starved individuals to hide behind the corporation’s skirts, not put an individual name to an order, and not be held accountable. This must stop across the boards, whether it is FEMA or the local bank.

The Republican Party cloaks their punishment of the poor in the guise of “personal responsibility” – “personal responsibility” would mean the individuals who cause the problems to be held accountable, and the Republican Party won’t do that – they’re too busy protecting the rich, ridiculing the poor, and denying services to make sure that those who fall on hard times can never regain a sense of dignity and self-respect.

Let me remind you that we have the largest percentage of the population living below the poverty line ever in the history of this country. And it’s not because “well, there are more people now”. I’m talking in terms of ratios. And let me remind you that 80% of those are not in poverty because they’re drug addicts or deadbeats – it’s because there was a major medical crisis in their family and they lost everything due to the inadequacy of health care put into place by the current administration.

Yes, President Bush, you ARE responsible. You are not responsible for a natural disaster, but you are absolutely responsible for the consequences and inadequacies uncovered by it. It is YOUR responsibility to have the correct, capable individuals in the positions of authority who react with swiftness, intelligence, compassion and INTEGRITY. But, since “integrity” is a word you’ll have to have someone look up in the dictionary and read to you, I doubt that will happen.

Are we prepared for another disaster or terrorist attack in this country?


How did New York survive 9/11?

Due to strong local leadership and the fact that individual New Yorkers are hardwired to act swiftly.

Could NY survive another attack?

With difficulty, but yes. We now have the BEST counter-terrorism unit in the land – one which operates independently of the federal government.

If we had waited for the federal government to act on 9/11, things would have been much worse. We had strong local leadership AND we had INDIVIDUALS who were willing to do whatever it took to save lives.

I am also glad that those disgusting – I won’t even call them humans – creatures who abandoned 34 people in their nursing home to die during the levee breach – refusing to put into effect the evacuation plan – have been arrested on 34 counts of criminally negligent homicide.

Not much writing done yesterday due to day work; have to complete two articles today, because I’m in the show tonight, and I have day work tomorrow.

I’m debating whether or not to add word count bars for WIPs to the sidebar, but I don’t know if that will motivate me or simply depress me.



At 11:04 AM, Blogger Isabelle said...

Je prends un grand plaisir à lire votre blog régulièremenent.
Cela me permet d'avoir une autre vision des Etats Unis et de ses habitants que celles véhiculées par la presse.
Un grand merci pour ce que vous écrivez.

At 2:35 PM, Blogger A.M.Adams said...

As usual, a wonderful post. Also, what a grand idea for the Broadway Katrina relief event!

I wish I could come! I'll be flying in from Ohio to visit NYC for the very first time from 9/21 - 9/25. I won't be there on Sunday long enough to catch the show as my return flight leaves early afternoon. Good luck and best wishes with the show!


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